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Why is MBBS Abroad the best option for Indian Medical Aspirants?

Taking education into consideration then it is one of the significant cornerstones of any community. This education system is necessary for the growth of every nation in terms of social, living, and employment standards. With the help of education, the proficiency rate of a community accentuates the range of adequate employment production. Due to the latest updates in the standards of the education system, there is an increase in the progression among students along with the stabilization of the economy.

But the reverse is not true in the case of India as the current scenario of education is continuously defecting day after day. And the reasons behind this are the absence of appropriate procedure, inconsistent allocation of wherewithal, immorality, political impacts, etc. These are the vital reasons behind the failure of India’s education. And, the sectors like education, healthcare, and technology are there most affected domains in India. 

Every year, lots of students pass out who have dreams of becoming a doctor. But, due to the less availability of medical colleges along with the high competition among students is breaking down the profession of specialists/doctors in the country.

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Current Stats of MBBS in India:

If we talk about the past then there were very few medical colleges in India and that’s why the rate of literacy was high in that time period. Moreover, most of the Indian medical aspirants would like to study MBBS or any degrees related to the medical field. Also, India is considered as one of those countries where there are a great number of professional doctors in hospitals. 

But with the growth of medical technology, integration of new courses of study & incorporation of political gains in the medical education sector, it doesn’t matter that the number of medical colleges in India is still the same but the number of medical aspirants is increasing year by year.

Concerning MBBS admissions in India, the Indian Government made a decision and that was the formation of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam (NEET) for acquiring admissions in medical-related fields. Indian students have to clear the exam to acquire MBBS admission in Government Medical Colleges in India. if they didn’t clear the exam then they won’t be able to acquire their MBBS seat in India. Moreover, this strategy was also planned to control the high-priced tuition fees along with corruption as well. And moreover, the Government of India has made this exam compulsory if you want to settle or work in India as a specialist/doctor.

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Why is MBBS Abroad for Indian Students a great option?

Well, if we talk about the NEET entrance exam, then for acquiring MBBS admissions in Government Colleges of India, Indian students have to score more than 600 marks out of 720 which is very difficult for medical aspirants. In such instances, some medical aspirants either dropped and waited for the next year or some went ahead for the Private Medical Colleges in India.

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But, talking about the expensive capitation fees system of Private Medical Colleges in India then it is too much that an average Indian student can’t afford. Then in such cases, MBBS Abroad for Indian Students came into existence for medical aspirants. And moreover, it is the best option especially for Indian medical aspirants because Studying MBBS Abroad means a step towards your dream of becoming a doctor. 

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Is MBBS Abroad a Valid Option? And What about the Quality of Education?

After getting frustrated through this cut-off marks along with high competition and availability of medical courses at high-prices.  Well, if we talk about the healthcare sector in abroad countries then its quite good as there are lots of careers as well as practice opportunities, world-class infrastructure, high-standard medical education, and dime a dozen medical courses. 

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Abroad countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, etc. are there for the medical aspirants. But the main problem is that there are no direct MBBS admissions. Also, the fee structure is too high along with living expenses as well. Other Countries like Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, etc. are available where you can do your direct MBBS at nominal prices. So, what Indian students mostly do is that they do their MBBS from these countries abroad and after that, some Indian students clear their MCI exam and come back to India for their practice. Some students go abroad countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany for their specialization or PG. 

Talking about the recognition of MBBS degree from abroad countries then MBBS degree is valid globally across the globe. Along with the quality of MBBS education is of a high standard. All the staff members, associate professors, faculty members are highly proficient in their respective medical fields.

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Final Verdict:

Well, from the above analysis and stats, it clears that MBBS in India is quite a bothersome study as compared to Study Medicine abroad. Although the quality of MBBS education in abroad countries is phenomenal. So, it would be recommended to the students that they should prefer abroad countries for doing their medical course. Although, our Overseas MBBS experts are there to assist you in an efficient way.

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