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Challenges for Medical Students While Studying MBBS Abroad

Study MBBS Abroad is one of the most widespread career paths across the globe comprising India. Also, the voyage to becoming a doctor usually begins with acquiring an MBBS Degree. But, acquiring an MBBS seat in India is very much tough because there’s a vigorous difference between the number of MBBS seats available in Government Medical Colleges in India & the number of medical aspirants. Medical aspirants who are determined to become a specialist/doctor & having a huge budget usually join private medical colleges in India. But, Medical Students having less budget prefer abroad countries for doing their MBBS education. That’s the reason MBBS Abroad for Indian Students is becoming popular day after day.

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However, while studying medicine abroad, there are numerous challenges that medical aspirants may encounter. Also, these challenges can shape an obstacle to medical aspirants while studying MBBS abroad.

Let’s find out what are the challenges which medical students face while studying MBBS abroad

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Language Barrier

Every year, numerous medical aspirants prefer to study MBBS abroad in various countries like Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Armenia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, etc. where English or the local/native language is uttered as the primary language. For Indian students, it’s very tough to shift from an Indian language to the Native language. Also, Indian students have to understand the accent of that particular language along with words & phrases. And it’s not easy for the Indian students to match that accent, tone & speed of that particular language.

Note: MBBS in Ukraine is in trend nowadays because there’s the availability of English Medium MBBS Course in MCI Approved Ukrainian’s Medical Universities. 

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Financial Situations

Well, Study MBBS Abroad is less expensive as compared to MBBS in India. Usually, MBBS in foreign countries cost around 10-15 lakhs for the MBBS course only. Rest, other expenses like accommodation, food, traveling, etc. are novel. Furthermore, it depends upon the medical students how they’ll manage their budget in abroad countries.

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Cultural Difference

Whenever Indian students shift from India to a new abroad country, their lifestyle, habits, connections, etc.are also changed! But, the good thing is that Indian students will acquire an opportunity to understand the living standards of that particular abroad country. Even, some of them abroad education terminus are westernized in terms of outfits, habits, curriculum activities, work schedules, and many more. But, most Indian students adjust to these things & study their MBBS abroad with ease because Indian students have a habit of adapting to new things quickly.

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No doubt that most of the abroad medical universities provide accommodation to the Indian medical aspirants. But sometimes, the number of seats in campus’s hostels is less as compared to the number of Indian students studying in Abroad Medical Universities. Therefore, Indian students have to overlook accommodation either in the city or near the abroad medical university.

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Style of Learning

Usually, Indian students are accustomed to the lectures based teaching system. But, in abroad countries, MBBS is about focusing on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Also, there is a new way of teaching methodology for teaching MBBS in foreign countries like the use of advanced equipment, world-class laboratories, international curriculum. Indian students usually face a little bit of a problem in the first month of MBBS abroad but after that, they become well-proficient in grabbing this style of learning. 

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Climatic Conditions

The temperature, as well as the weather of abroad countries, is colder than India. Even in winters, sometimes abroad countries like Russia, Armenia, the temperature goes below -5 degrees also. If Indian students can adjust to this colder weather then it would be very good for them else they can try for any other abroad countries such as Ukraine, China, etc where the temperature is quite adjustable.

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These are some of the challenges that Indian medical aspirants encounter while studying MBBS abroad. And, it is very much essential for the medical students to prepare themselves for such kinds of challenges before flying to abroad medical university. Also, Our Overseas MBBS Experts are always there to help & guide you in an efficient way.

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