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MBBS is the most pursued course in the domain of medical education not in the Indian context but everywhere in the world. In the Indian context, MBBS education is probably the number one course, which is sought by the majority of the Indian medical aspirants and they look forward to studying MBBS in abroad. 

We know about the scenario of medical education in India, which is highly competitive and this is the prime reason why the Indian MBBS aspirants have to look at the abroad options of studying it. 

So, if you are also an Indian MBBS aspirant and want to study MBBS from the abroad, then you are reading the correct article for the same context.

Here in this article, we would discuss the same topic of studying MBBS from abroad in the context of Indian students.

If you are an India aspirant then you will be able to find the information about some decent medical institutions from where you can undertake the MBBS program. We would cover all the aspects of this MBBS program from foreign countries or abroad.

MBBS in Abroad for Indian Medical Students

In the current scenario MBBS in abroad for Indian medical students is something which is getting trend and reaching its peak. We have to analyse the ground reality of the Indian medical education system to understand the base of this scenario. 

The medical education in Indian specifically the MBBS is a complete mess due to the intense competition. The country is having the wide numbers of the MBBS aspirants who aspire to study MBBS, but the numbers of the available MBBS seats are way less in the comparison of the aspirants. 

This is the reason why the majority of the aspirants are deprived of making their dreams come true. There are many other Asian neighboring countries of India which offer the MBBS education with the less intensity of the competition, and with the ease of admission and lower fee structure in the comparison of India.

Why Choose Abroad for MBBS/Medical Studies

Well, there are plenty of the reasons for choosing the MBBS course in abroad from the perspective of the Indian MBBS aspirants.

Here below we are listing down some top factors to justify that why you should be choosing the MBBS course from the abroad.

  • First of all the ease of admission into the MBBS program of the abroad medical Universities/colleges is easier than India.
  • The MBBS fee structure for the abroad medical Universities is also lower in the comparison of India.
  • The majority of the abroad medical Universities are approved by the Medical Council of India thus the Indian aspirants get the full value of their degrees from abroad. 
  • The cost of living in the other Asian countries are also cheap such as in Nepal, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, etc.
  • The Indian MBBS aspirants can seek their admission in abroad countries without paying any donation amount.
  • There are many abroad countries where the Indian MBBS aspirants can take direct admission without any entrance exam.

Advantages of Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS admission in abroad can bring any kind of advantages, which may vary from the one candidate to the other.

The advantages basically depend upon the preference of the candidates, yet here you can read some major advantages of studying MBBS in abroad. 

  • The fee structure is considerably low in the abroad countries for the MBBS studies. 
  • Indian aspirants can get the MCI approved medical college in almost every other medical University of the abroad countries.
  • The cost of living in many other Asian countries is lower than the Indian MBBS fee.
  • There is direct MBBS admission procedure without any entrance exam in the many other medical Universities.
  • Indian MBBS aspirants can get decent internship exposure in the MBBS course if they study if from the European countries.
  • Candidates are further provided the several kinds of basic facilities in the course of their MBBS education from the abroad which is far more convenient than the Indian system of medical education. 
  • The medical infrastructure of many foreign countries is better than India such as Russia, Germany, China, Canada, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in abroad eligibility is the important criteria, which must be known by all the Indian MBBS aspirants, who are looking forward to having their admission into any foreign University.

It’s actually up to the country from where you are willing to study the MBBS since each country has its own eligibility criteria but there are some few things in common for all the major medical University’s MBBS admission eligibility criteria.

Here below you can read them as an Indian MBBS aspirant. 

  • First of all the minimum age of the candidates should be 17 years of age while there is no as such fix maximum age criteria. 
  • Candidates must have qualified the 10+2 exam from any recognized board of study with the mandatory subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • The minimum passing percentage in the 10+2 exam should be 50%, however, it is 60% as well in some countries.
  • Indian aspirants must have qualified the NEET exam which is a mandatory exam in order to study MBBS from abroad.
  • The approval letter of the MCI will also be required to be submitted by the Indian aspirants.

Best Medical Universities in Abroad to Study MBBS/Medicine 

There are tons of medical Universities which offer the MBBS course in abroad and you can just choose the one which satisfies all your requirements.

If you are confused about picking any particular University, then here we are providing you with the choice of choosing any one of them.

Below you can read the names of some world class abroad medical Universities.

  • Perm State Medical University 
  • Siberian State Medical University 
  • Osh State University 
  • Jalalabad State University 
  • Mari State University 
  • Orenburg State Medical University 
  • Tver State Medical University 
  • International School of Medicine 
  • Kyrgyzstan State Medical University 
  • Ryazan State Medical University 
  • Jilin University 
  • Spartan Health Science University 
  • Nanjing Medical University 

These are some of the best medical Universities around the world for the MBBS course, where Indian MBBS aspirants can seek their admission. 

Check out the Eligibility criterion Plus Admission Process According To Countries:

How to Take Admission in Foreign MBBS Colleges/Universities for Indian Students

Well, you need to follow a systematic way if you want medical admission in abroad, no matter whether you are an Indian aspirant or from any other country.

Here below we are listing down the step by step guide to help you in making your MBBS admission application in any of the abroad medical Universities. 

  • At a very first step, the candidates have to read the eligibility criteria of the concerned medical University/College.
  • The admission eligibility criteria in terms of the educational qualification must be satisfied by the candidates.
  • After that figure out if there is an entrance or the language proficiency exam is conducted by such medical institution.
  • If there is any such exam then such an exam must be qualified by the candidates.
    Keep in your mind that the Indian candidates must be having the NEET qualifications status with them before applying for the admission.
  • Once all the above-mentioned criteria are met out by the candidates then they have to provide the educational documents as may be asked by the University.
  • After the successful submission of the documents, there would be an immigration call for the candidate to board the flight for the academic session.

Requirements for MBBS Admission in Abroad for 2019-20 

Well, yes there is some other requirement of abroad MBBS admission, which should be taken into consideration by all the Indian MBBS admission seekers.

Here below you can read this requirement for your concern. 

  • Candidates must be having the NEET qualifications status along with the mark sheet.
  • Candidates should also be having the valid passport and the Visa would be facilitated by the University itself for the candidates. 
  • All the educational documents of the candidates would also be required for the submission of their copies to the University.
  • Minimum 2 passport size photographs of the candidates.
  • Transfer and the character certificate of the candidates from the previous educational institutions.

Fee Structure of Foreign Medical Universities for MBBS 2019-20

Cost of MBBS in foreign for Indian students is something which is a very significant aspect for all the Indian MBBS aspirants. The majority of the aspirants from India want to study MBBS at the best-budgeted price, and hence they look for the similar kind of the medical University/college.

Here below we are going to provide you some best yet in the budget foreign MBBS medical University’s fee structure.


MBBS Study in Abroad: Financial Advise for Parents

In the Indian context, there are tons of the MCI recognized Medical Universities abroad where the MBBS aspirants can get their admission. Further talking about the financial aspects of studying abroad from abroad, then the cost of studying MBBS from foreign countries is still going to be lower than what it is in India. 

The fee structure of abroad medical Universities is low in the comparison of India rest it’s all about the cost of living, which is depending upon the country from where you want to study it. There are many Asian countries where the cost of living is equivalent or even lower than India such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Philippines, etc. 

If the candidate is having a poor financial background then such candidate may apply for the educational loan, and there are many consultancies which offer such loan at a low rate of interest.

Apply Now for MBBS Study in Abroad

MBBS in abroad 2019 is becoming the matter of trend for the Indian MBBS aspirants. No matter where you take your admission just apply for the admission without wasting any time, as there are the limited numbers of the seats for the MBBS.

The majority of the medical institutions of the world end their admission process for the MBBS education by the end of July, thus we urge all the candidates to complete the admission formalities before the deadline.

Candidates can visit the official website of the concerned University or abroad to have more information about the admission and make their online application.

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