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Russia is the name which is probably known by any person residing on the earth no matter in which part. The country of Russia is the largest country in the world with the world’s most largest area, and due to which it holds the number 1 spot in the world.

It is basically the developed country which is having the fully developed industrial and the educational sectors. When we talk about the educational infrastructure in Russia then the country is counted among world’s best countries, which are known for its ancient and modern blend of the best educational infrastructure.

Specifically the medical educational domain of Russia is very extensive which attracts the number of the medical aspirants from around the world. MBBS in Russia is always the highly sought medical program from the foreign aspirants who seek their admission into the several medical Universities of Russia.

So, if you are willing to study medicine in Russia then you are going through the correct article. In this article we are basically going to make our discussion about the MBBS from Russia thus you can get the access of all the relevant information in this article.

MBBS in Russia for Indian Medical Students

Well, MBBS in Russia for Indian students is always the hot searched topic on the web, as the majority of the youth MBBS aspirants from the India look forward to Russia for this program.

The medical education in India especially the MBBS education is very intensely competitive, and due to that only the few candidates are granted the MBBS seats and the others are forced to look at the other options. This is why the MBBS aspirants choose the Russia for this program, and it is indeed a decent option for them.

Why Choose Russia for MBBS/Medical Students

Choosing the MBBS or any other medical program from Russia is purely a subjective choice, which is dependent upon the aspirants and from the place where they might be coming.

If you are an Indian MBBS aspirants and are looking for some specific reasons to justify your choice, that why studying MBBS in Russia can be a decent choice for you then here we would help you in that.

Below we are listing down some points which will help you that why you should study MBBS from Russia.

  • There are many medical Universities and the colleges which are approved by the MCI and from the perspective of the Indian MBBS aspirants this is a very crucial factor.
  • You can find the plenty of the medical colleges from Russia and among which you can change any low cost medical college for the MBBS program.
  • The internship session in Russia is far better than any other countries as there are the wide numbers of the hospitals where the students are provided with the real exposure.
  • Studying MBBS from Russia has its own prestige and the aspirants get the decent scope of their degrees onward.
  • There is no donation requirements for the students to get MBBS admission in Russia.
  • The medical infrastructure of Russia is very advanced in the comparison of other countries.

Advantages of MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia for Indians or for any other’s Nation brings many advantages for the aspirants.
If you are looking for some major advantages of MBBS program from Russia, then we can provide you it here.

  • You can find the decent options of some widely recognised medical institutions in Russia to study MBBS from.
  • The MBBS program from Russia is approved by all the major medical bodies of world such as MCI,WHO,UNESCO etc.
  • Candidates with the MBBS degree from Russia get the decent scope of starting their practice as a doctor anywhere in the world.
  • The fee structure of studying MBBS in Russia can be afforded by all categories of the MBBS aspirants.
  • Candidates are also provided the several kinds of the scholarship to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Russia is known as one of the top corruption free countries in the world.

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Russia

So, if you have made up your mind to study MBBS in Russia then you must make yourself aware with the eligibility criteria of the Medical Universities in Russia.

MBBS in Russia eligibility will help you to apply for the admission directly and here is the eligibility criteria for your concern.

  • The minimum age of the candidates should be 17 years while the maximum age may be 25 years.
  • Candidates must have qualified the 12th exam with the compulsory subjects of physics,chemistry and biology and the minimum passing percentage should be 50%.
  • As per the latest notification from the Medical Council of India the aspirants must have qualified the NEET exam in order to study MBBS from any foreign country.
  • There is no donation requirements for the candidates to seek admission.
  • Candidates who belong to the SC/ST category in India need to have 45% of marks in their 12th standard with the compulsory subjects of studies in order to apply for the admission.

Best Medical Universities in Russia to Study MBBS/Medicine

There are the several numbers of the medical Universities in Russia for international students from where they can take their MBBS education.

Here in this section we are listing down some major of them for your concern.

  • Saint Petersburg State University
  • Novosibirsk State University
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Tomsk State University
  • National Research Nuclear University
  • National Research University

These are some of the top medical Universities of Russia from where you can undertake the MBBS education.

How to Take Admission in Russian MBBS Colleges/Universities for Indian Students

In the earlier section of this article we talked about the best medical Universities in Russia, and now we would discuss about the admission procedure in those Universities.

We urge all the aspirants to read our below mentioned step by step guide to easily take admission into the Russian medical college.

  • Candidates are advised to keep the admission date into their consideration in whichever medical college of Russia they are seeking their admission.
  • The admission process includes the duration of almost 1 and half months thus candidates must start it timely so that their admission can be made sure.
  • Go to the official website of the University and there fill the application form.
    Fill the application form with the proper guidance and upload all the documents.
  • Now the application form will be forwarded to the concerned medical University.
  • Once the form is confirmed by the University then the offer letter will be sent to the candidate for the further procedure.
  • The candidates will be called at the campus of the University and there after fulfilling the procedure and paying the fee candidates can join the medical college.

Requirements for MBBS Admission in Russia

Well, we have already talked about the detailed procedure of medical admission in Russia. We have provided you with the eligibility criteria of seeking the admission into the medical Universities of Russia and the aspirants are required to satisfy the eligibility criteria in order to get their admission there.

Further we also discussed about the complete admission process or Russia medical Universities. It is the standard procedure and the specific admission procedure of the Russian medical Universities may vary from one University to the other, thus we would advise all the aspirants to search the specific admission of any Russian medical college/University.

It will be easier for you to get the specific eligibility criteria of such University or the college.

Fee Structure of Russian Medical Universities for MBBS 2019-2020

Russian medical college fee structure this is the keyword which is hugely searched on the web by the medical aspirants, who are willing to have their admission into the Medical University of Russia.

We all have to look and consider the fee structure of any University before we plan studying the MBBS program from there.

This is why here we are going to provide you with the fee structure for the several medical colleges in Russia for the MBBS program below.

Fee Structure of Mari State University in Russia

Pattern of Fee Amount of Fee
First Year Fee $5,500
Fee From 2nd Year to 6th Year $4500 Per Year
Grand Total $28,000

Fee Structure of Perm State Medical University

Pattern of Fee Amount of Fee
First Year Fee $5,500
2nd Year to 6th Year Fee $5500 Per Year
Grand Total $33,000

Fee Structure of Tver State Medical University

Pattern of Fee Amount of Fee
First Year Fee $7,000
2nd Year to 6th Year Fee $7000 Per Year
Grand Total $42000 Per Year

Fee Structure of Smolensk State Medical University

Pattern of Fee Amount of Fee
First Year Fee $5,500
Fee From 2nd Year to 6th Year $5500 Per Year
Grand Total $33000 Per Year

MBBS Study in Russia: Financial Advise for Parents

The parents who support their child’s to study MBBS in Russia, which is the abroad region for them. They have to think about the financial aspects of this course since the Russia colleges MBBS fee has to be ultimately afforded by them.

If we talk about the MBBS fee in Russia then you can find the decent options of medical college in the country, and then you can accordingly choose one such medical colleges which may be suitable in your budget.

Moreover we would like to suggest to the parents that the MBBS aspirants in Russia are offered with the several kinds of the scholarship program which is based on the merit, and also on the financial background of the parents. If the family is having the lower financial background then the candidate can apply for the scholarship which may be a significant relief to the aspirants.

There are many education loan schemes as well for the parents who want their kids to study abroad. Parents can avail such schemes and it has lower rate of interest which can be paid back as per the terms and conditions of the education loan.

Apply Now for Study MBBS in Russia

Russia medical colleges are always high on the demand especially from the counties such as India there is always the plenty of the aspirants who are looking forward for their admission into the University.

This is why we always suggest the aspirants to keep themselves ready and aware with the important dates of the admission on which they can apply for the admission.

Once the application forms are out then the candidate must fill it at the same time. The admission process includes a very long structure for the foreign candidates and the candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are only offered the admissions into the University.

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