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Germany which is officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany is a country in Western Europe. The country is sharing its borders with the other nations such as Denmark, Poland, Austria, Check Republic, etc and is having the city of Berlin as its capital. 

Germany is having around 16 states which makes it the second most populated country of the European continent after Russia. The country has a very diverse and temperate climate season in the world. Berlin is the largest city and the heart of the country and Rhine is the world famous longest river in the country. 

Germany is a well versed and economically developed country, which is counted among the most developed countries of the world. It is having the world-class infrastructure in the context of everything, be it the industrial revolution or the educational domain the country is at the top of everything. 

Discussing the educational domain of the country then Germany gives its prime emphasis to the educational domain of the country. This is the reason why the majority of the professional medical and other courses in the country are offered at almost free of cost. 

Yes, you heard it right Germany offers the medical courses such as MBBS in Germany at the free of cost both to the native and the International aspirants as well.

This is the reason why every year the country receives significant numbers of the application from around the world by the aspirants, who seek their admission into the country. 

Here in this article, we are going to keep our discussion limited with the same topic which is to study MBBS from Germany.

So, if you are the one who is looking forward to seeking MBBS admission in Germany then we urge you to go through our entire article. 

We would cover and provide you with all the relevant information in this article, which would make it quite clear for you to analyze your MBBS admission in Germany.

MBBS In Germany for Indian Medical Students

MBBS in Germany for Indian Medical Students has always been the topic of discussion among the Indian MBBS aspirants due to many reasons. The first and the foremost reason is the level of competition in the MBBS education of India which is sky high. There appear the wide numbers of the aspirants in the NEET exam, but there are very few who become able to crack it due to the intense competition and the low numbers of the available MBBS seats. 

Further, as we have already discussed that MBBS from Germany is very affordable to the Indian aspirants since there is no tuition cost at all in the majority of the medical institutions of Germany.

Considering all these factors in combined the MBBS from Germany becomes a very significant choice for the Indian candidates, and they all want to try out their luck for the accomplishment of the same purpose of studying there, however, the admission eligibility criteria are not so relaxed.

Why Choose Germany for MBBS

Well, there are various reasons which justify why should one study MBBS course in Germany. It’s although the subjective choice and the personal preferences of the aspirants that why they should opt MBBS program of Germany.

Here below we are listing down some important aspects to make you understand why MBBS from Germany can be a decent option for you. 

  • Germany is counted among the best economically developed countries in the world with the world-class medical infrastructure. 
  • The MBBS program from Germany is something which is placed in the top medical programs around the world.
  • There is no tuition cost of MBBS in the majority of the medical educational institutions which make it a quite affordable or almost free of cost program which is unique in itself. 
  • Almost all the medical institutions of Germany are approved by the prominent medical bodies of the world including UNESCO, MCI, GMC, etc. 
  • The aspirants who get the MBBS or other medical degrees from Germany are recognized around the world with decent career opportunities.

Advantages of MBBS in Germany

If you get the MBBS admission in Germany then it brings several kinds of advantages or the benefits for you. Here below you can read in detailed advantages of studying MBBS in Germany.

  • There is no tuition cost of studying MBBS in Germany even the majority of the institutions offer the free of cost MBBS studies in Germany.
  • The standard of medical education in Germany is extremely high which meets the standards of world-class medical Universities.
  • You can speak both German and the English language while you are studying at the campus of Germany Universities or the colleges.
  • The cost of living in Germany is still affordable to international students as there is no tuition fee.

Germany is a very beautiful and developed country to explore it around and get exposure to the medical system of the country.

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Germany

As an MBBS aspirant, you must be aware of the MBBS in Germany eligibility criteria, so that you can accordingly make your application.

Here you can read the admission eligibility criteria of the Germany medical Universities/colleges for your concern.

  • The minimum age of the candidates should be 17 years while there is no maximum age bar.
  • The candidates must have qualified the 10+2 exam from the recognized board of study of the concerned country.
  • The mandatory subjects of 10+2 exam are physics, chemistry, and biology with the minimum passing percentage of 60%.
  • German language proficiency test is mandatory thus no aspirants would be allowed to study without having the German-speaking skills. 
  • Test for medical studies is the other mandatory entrance exam which has to be qualified by the aspirants in order to study MBBS in Germany.

Best Medical Universities in Germany to Study MBBS/Medicine

MBBS in Germany duration is of the 6 years for the majority of the medical institutions in the country.

If you are looking for the top medical Universities/colleges of Germany to study MBBS, then we are offering you the list of some top medical institutions of the country.

  • Heidelberg University 
  • Lubeck University 
  • Rwth Aachen University 
  • Magdeburg University 
  • Munster University 
  • Wurzburg University 
  • Tubingen University 
  • Freiburg University

How to Take Admission in Germany Medical Universities

Well, if you are struggling to seek enough information about the Germany medical college admission, then we would help you with it. Here below we are going to list down the admission process of the German medical Universities/colleges for your concern.

  • First of all the interested candidates need to read the eligibility criteria in terms of qualification education and satisfy it.
  • Once the admission criteria are satisfied then the candidates can make their online application by visiting the website of the concerned medical University/college.
  • Fill the application form and submit all the required documents such as mark sheets, passport copy, and other documents.
  • Once you qualify the entrance and the other required exam then you would get the immigration letter from the German University and you can fly to the country.

Requirements for MBBS Admission in Germany for 2019-20

Here are the certain requirements which you must be satisfying in order to get medical admission in Germany.

Here below we are going to provide you the list of all such requirements below so that you can keep them in your consideration.

  • If you are an international candidate then you must be having a valid passport and Visa.
  • Your academic documents such as your mark sheet, transfer certificate, character certificate would also be required.
  • You must be having at least 2 types of ID if you are an international student.
  • A letter of acknowledgment from your previous educational institution would also be required.
  • Indians students need to submit their NEET qualification documents and the clearance or the approval letter from the MCI.
  • Minimum 2 of the passport size photographs.

Fee Structure of Germany Medical Universities for MBBS 2019-20

It is a well-known fact and we have also discussed it, that there is no tuition fee for the MBBS education in Germany, which makes the MBBS program of Germany as the free of cost program.

There may be some other kinds of minor charges, which may be required by some other medical Universities/colleges of the country.

Here below we are providing you some basic idea about the MBBS fee structure of German medical Universities.

  • Name of Course- MBBS 
  • Duration of Course- 6 Years
  • Minimum Fee Structure- No Tuition Fee
  • Admission Eligibility Criteria- 10+2 Exam with 60% marks in PCB stream
  • The requirement of English/German Languages Proficiency- Yes 
  • Cost of Living- 30 to 40K Per Month Indian Rupees
  • The medium of MBBS Studies- English

MBBS Study in Germany: Financial Advise for Parents

Well, as far as the Germany medical college fee structure is concerned, there is no as such considerable fee structure of the University which we should be discussing.

If we talk about our advice for the parents who are willing to get their kids studied the MBBS education in Germany, then we would say that it is probably the best country for the MBBS education both in terms of standard of education and the financial aspects as well.

Having discussed there is no tuition fee for the MBBS education in Germany, and thus it is just the cost of living which should be considered by the parents. The cost of living in Germany is not quite affordable for international candidates, as it is the developed and expensive country to plan your stay.

If you can manage your stay in the country somehow then the MBBS program from Germany is going to be almost at free of cost for you.

Apply Now for MBBS Study in Germany

We have provided you the list of best medical University in Germany so that you can choose the one among them to study MBBS program. If you have finally made up your mind to study the MBBS program from Germany, then we would suggest you to not to delay your application for the admission. 

German medical Universities receive international admission applications from around the world.

Candidates who are keen to study the medical program of the University are advised to visit the website of the University, and then there they can make their online admission application. Once all the admission criteria are satisfied then the candidates would be called up for the admission into the country.

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