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Kazakhstan is an Asian country which is widely known as the Landlocked country across the Globe. The country is the major part of the Asian central region which is said to be generating the 60% of GDP alone for the central Asia region.

In the context of the area, Kazakhstan is the world’s 9th largest nation and has the dominant role in the Gas and the oil industry of Asia. Kazakhstan is filled with the abundance of the natural resources which makes it as the highest potential Nation.

The country is sharing its borders with the other nations such as China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc. The structure of the country is very dynamic which is composed of the deltas, hills, mountains, rock, etc and makes it as the highly diverse nation in the context of its structure.

The educational infrastructure of Kazakhstan is also developing rapidly and the country now possesses some decent number of the educational institutions, be it in the domain of medical or anything else.

In the current scenario, there are some decent numbers of the medical institutions, which you can find in Kazakhstan for the desired medical courses.

MBBS in Kazakhstan is getting very popular these days due to the increasing number of medical Universities and the colleges in the country. Now Kazakhstan has emerged as one of the considerable Nations of studying MBBS in the Asian continent.

In today’s article, we are basically going to discuss the same topic that how and why Kazakhstan is becoming the hot destination of MBBS studies.

So, if you are looking forward to studying MBBS in Kazakhstan then you can get some crucial information from this article about the same topic.

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Medical Students

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students is a very decent option as the competition in the Indian medical domain is very rigors. Each year there are the wide numbers of the MBBS aspirants, who sit in the MBBS NEET exam of India but very few candidates manage to crack the exam.

Only those candidates who crack the exam with the minimum possible rank get the MBBS seats and the rest are left in the dreams.

This is the reason why MBBS in Kazakhstan is a great option for all such MBBS aspirants. There is very less competition in Kazakhstan in the comparison of India and thus all the MBBS aspirants have a decent chance of getting their admission into this country.

Why Choose Kazakhstan for MBBS/Medical Studies

Well, getting the MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is purely a subjective matter which depends upon the will of the aspirants, yet there are many aspects which define that why MBBS from Kazakhstan is a very nice option.

Here below we are listing down some points which would justify that is why you should be studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  • There are many medical Universities/colleges in Kazakhstan that you can choose to study the MBBS program as per your preference.
  • All the medical institutions or the Universities in Kazakhstan are approved by the prominent medical bodies of the world such as WHO, GMC, UNESCO, MCI, etc.
  • The fee structure of MBBS education in Kazakhstan is lower than the other country’s medical institutions. 
  • Cost of living in Kazakhstan and the environment of the country is very safe for international aspirants.
  • The standard of medical education in Kazakhstan is very high just like any other developed countries.
  • The admission process is very easy and relaxed.

Advantages of MBBS in Kazakhstan

Study Medicine in Kazakhstan may bring the numbers of the advantages for every MBBS aspirants. It actually depends upon the aspirant that what the aspirant is seeking from the MBBS program.

Here are some major advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. 

  • The aspirants get very easy students visa to study MBBS in Kazakhstan without any hassles.
  • The cost of living in Kazakhstan is cheaper than many other Asian countries.
  • Kazakhstan medical Universities offer and maintain the decent standard of medical education for the aspirants.
  • MBBS or other medical degrees from Kazakhstan is valued everywhere in the world.
  • MBBS aspirants can seek their direct admission into Kazakhstan medical Universities.

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan eligibility is something that all the aspirants must make themselves aware with since without meeting the eligibility criteria no aspirants would be granted the admission there.

Keeping it in our consideration here we are listing down the eligibility criteria of the Kazakhstan medical colleges below.

  • The aspirants must have qualified the 10+2 exam from the well-recognized board of education.
  • The mandatory subjects of studies in the 10+2 exam are physics, chemistry and biology and the candidates need to pass the exam with a minimum of 50% passing percentage.
  • Indian candidates have to qualify the NEET exam in order to get their admission here.
  • The minimum age of the candidates should be 17 years while there is no bar on the maximum age.
  • Candidates must be having a valid passport and a Visa.

Best Medical Universities in Kazakhstan to Study MBBS/Medicine

Kazakhstan MBBS admission 2019 season is just about to approach and the interested aspirants must make up their mind now about the name of the medical institution where they want to study MBBS.

Here below we are adding the names of some major medical colleges/Universities of Kazakhstan so that you can choose one among them.

  • Astana Medical University 
  • Kazakh National Medical University 
  • Semey State Medical University 
  • Karaganda State Medical University 
  • West Kazakhstan State Medical University 
  • Shymkent State Medical University 

How to Take Admission in Kazakhstan MBBS Colleges/Universities for Indian Students

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students 2019 is a center of the discussion, as this year there are the wide numbers of the Indian MBBS aspirants who are looking forward to getting MBBS admission in Kazakhstan.

Here below we are providing you the easy step by step guide to help you in that regard.

  • First of all the Indian candidates need to apply for the NEET exam and qualify it as without the NEET candidates can’t apply for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan.
  • The last date of application in Kazakhstan MBBS colleges is 15th August 2019.
    Candidates need to make their application before the deadline.
  • The candidates whose application forms are accepted by the University they will be invited to proceed with the admission formalities.
  • You will need to carry all the required documents with you at the time of admission and after the payment of fee, admission will be finished.

Kindly note that the basis of admission is on first come and first serve basis, thus you must make your application at the correct time.

Requirements for MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan for 2019-20

There are many best medical Universities in Kazakhstan where you may apply to have your admission in but before that, you need to fill some requirements.

Here below we are listing those requirements for your consideration. 

  • The approval of MCI will be required for the Indian candidates.
  • Original birth certificate and the 10th marksheet to confirm it would also be required.
  • Scanned copy of the passport and Visa will be submitted by the candidates in the University.
  • Scanned copy of the other educational documents would also be required

Fee Structure of Kazakhstan Medical Universities for MBBS 2019-20

Cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students and also for the other aspirants must be made clear with the aspirants. It will enable them to arrange their funds accordingly so that they can take admission promptly.

Here below you can see the fee structure for the various medical colleges of Kazakhstan.


MBBS Study in Kazakhstan: Financial Advise for Parents

There are many MCI approved medical colleges in Kazakhstan where the Indian parents can get the admission to their kids. The next important aspect is the fee structure which should be managed rationally by the parents.

Thankfully the MBBS fee structure of Kazakhstan medical college is lower than the Indian medical colleges. Further, the cost of living in Kazakhstan is also cheaper than the other foreign countries and this is the reason that studying MBBS from Kazakhstan won’t be too heavy on the pockets of Indian parents.

There are many medical colleges in Kazakhstan which even offer the scholarship program to the aspirants. We urge you to check the scholarship program of the Kazakhstan medical college so that you can get more relief in the fee structure.

Apply Now for MBBS Study in Kazakhstan

So, if you have finally made up your plan to study medicine in Kazakhstan then there is no point of delaying your admission. You must make your application for the MBBS admission in Kazakhstan as we know that the academic year 2019-20 is just about to start.

The last month of making the application for the MBBS program in Kazakhstan is July thus you must make your application before the time lapses. You can check the admission date of the MBBS admission by visiting the official website of the medical college or the University in Kazakhstan.

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