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COVID-19: Is it a Safe Decision to plan for MBBS Abroad 2020?

Well, these days, everywhere there’s only one word on everyone’s mouth is COVID-19. But, what actually is COVID-19?? COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) is a contagious disease, caused by a virus. This disease disperses mostly via direct contact with the infected person either when they cough or sneeze in front of a normal person. Furthermore, this disease also transmits when a person touches a surface or an object (that has a virus on it), and if that hand touches your face, then automatically that virus disperses on you as well. Also, this disease causes respiratory ailments with symptoms like cough, fever, weakness, sore throat, rhinitis, headache, difficulty in breathing. For protecting yourself from COVID-19, you should wash your hands repeatedly, try to avoid close contact from those who are not well, a minimum distance between you & unwell person should be (1 meter or 3 feet), try to stay at home so that you can stay fit, and also avoid touching your face. It was all about Coronavirus Disease i.e. COVID-19.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Understand your symptoms before panicking yourself and others.

COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 Precautions

Prevention is always better than Cure! A few things can help you stay safe & get affected. Follow the prevention mentioned by us along with the guidelines, issued by local authorities & world health organizations.

COVID-19 Preventions

COVID-19 Preventions

Now, let’s talk about those medical students who are planning for MBBS Abroad after completing their 12th this year or those who dropped out last year! Well, this question turns out a risk factor in every medical aspirant along with their parents too. Most questions running in the minds of every medical aspirant are: Is it a safe decision for MBBS Abroad this year, Should I drop this year for MBBS, “Opting MBBS Education in India”, and many more. Likewise, many more questions are there and even parents are also getting worried about their student’s bright future.

So, let’s discuss what the right decision this time is!

Before planning for MBBS Abroad, Indian medical aspirants who have already appeared in their 12th standard examinations (CBSE/ICSE) should focus on their NEET Entrance Exam 2020, going to be held on May 3rd, 2020. Also, last year dropped out medical students should do the same! But, if I talk about the medical students whose 12th standard exams are still pending, then it’s advisable to study for their NEET Entrance Exam 2020 along with their 12th standard exams too. Students can plan out their first-half of the day in the preparation of NEET Exam 2020 & rest-half of the day in preparing their 12th standard examinations. Because, once the 12th standard exams will finish in April, there will be no time for the students for the preparation of the NEET exam. So, it’s a good choice to study for both so that one can acquire good scores in their 12th as well as in the NEET exam too.

MBBS in Abroad 2020 | MBBS Admissions Abroad 2020

Now, the first & foremost important question is “Is it a safe decision for MBBS Abroad this year?” & undoubtedly, the answer is “Yes!” Every year, thousands of medical students plan for MBBS Abroad because of more career opportunities, the scope of education, advanced level of teaching quality along with modern study equipment too. As you better know that COVID-19 is either today or tomorrow. If we will take precautions from now only then automatically it will go soon. Also, you better know that Governments are taking every necessary action on this disease so that it won’t harm more to anyone. Furthermore, MBBS Abroad Admissions 2020 will start from June onwards only. So, there’s a huge time-period for finishing this COVID-19. In such an instance, preparing for their NEET Exam 2020 along with the 12th exam (pending one) are the two things that medical students should focus on instead of wasting their time. Moreover, deciding on MBBS Abroad this year is a safe decision for medical aspirants.

The next question which arises in every parent’s mind is “Which country is safe in terms of pursuing MBBS Abroad especially for this year?” Well, the impact of COVID-19 is everywhere across the globe. But, if we talk about the safe country where the impact of COVID-19 is less then it is Ukraine, especially in Kharkiv (where there’s not yet any positive case for COVID-19) & also this university is the first & foremost preference of Indian medical students for studying MBBS in Ukraine. Moreover, in every abroad country, the Government is taking the best precautions for the student’s safety and there’s quarantine everywhere across the world.

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Now, the question: “Either I should drop this year or plan for MBBS Education Abroad 2021.” Just not to disappoint you, but it’s not a good decision not for the droppers only but the recently passed out 12th standard medical students also. Because, in some abroad countries, if you’re a dropper then it’s difficult to acquire an MBBS abroad admission and you never know that either you’ll be able to score well in your NEET Exam 2021 or not. So, it’s better to prepare for your NEET Exam 2020 rather than wasting time thinking about such questions.

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Last, but foremost question that every & each parent is planning for suggesting their children pursue their MBBS in India instead of MBBS Abroad. Then, it’s not a worthy suggestion from the medical students to do their MBBS in India because you better know that MBBS Private Colleges in India are very much costly as compared to MBBS in Abroad. Furthermore, you’ll not get an MBBS Admission in India as per you. Your MBBS Admission in India is dependent on the marks which you’ll score in your NEET Exam 2020. If I talk about COVID-19 then because of this virus, all the medical colleges & universities in India are closed as India is completely locked down, resulting in hampering the student’s education. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that all the abroad medical colleges & universities are also closed but the students are acquiring their MBBS Education Abroad via online classes. With the help of this, their MBBS Education is not hampering & also students are safe as well because they’re taking these online classes just by sitting at their homes.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, it’s a safe decision for planning your MBBS Abroad this year! Just make sure that you should take necessary precautions from protecting yourself from COVID-19 and just stay at your home & prepare well for your NEET Exam 2020 along with your 12th standard pending examinations. Make sure not to believe in sarcastic rumors & fake news about COVID-19. Moreover, safety matters a lot this time. Don’t panic, stay strong, best of luck & co-operate with the Government because these times are hard but will pass surely!

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