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MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India: Which is best and valuable for Indian Students?

Whenever talk comes about MBBS then Indian students always prefer to do their MBBS in India. Every year more than 15 lakh medical aspirants appeared for the NEET exam. But, the reality is that Only 80,000 MBBS seats are available for Indian students. In that instance, studying MBBS abroad comes up in the minds of Indian students. Most of the Indian students have no idea about studying MBBS abroad, so they assume that it is not useful. But the reverse is not true, studying MBBS abroad is a superior choice, especially for Indian Students only if they’re hardworking & also have good academic records. The Indian students must understand the career opportunities & chances of studying MBBS either abroad or India. 

MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India


MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in India
Entire Course Duration 4 to 6 years (including internship) 4.2 years + 1 year Internship
Overall Cost Budget usually starts from 20 lakhs (including tuition fees, hostel fees,  Indian food fees) In government colleges, it is very less but in private colleges, it is more than 75 lakhs
Donation Charges No Yes
NEET Required Yes (Qualifying Marks) Yes (Qualifying Marks)
USMLE Track Yes No
Ease of getting MBBS admission Easy to acquire MBBS admission in Abroad Difficult to acquire MBBS admission in India especially in govt colleges
Recognition Across the globe Across the globe
A better option if you want to settle in abroad countries Yes No

MBBS in India means all the medical colleges or universities in India including AIIMS and MBBS in Abroad means to the foreign countries like Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China, Philippines, Armenia, Georgia, etc. Now, let’s have an overlook on the above parameters in brief:

Entire Course Duration – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

MBBS in Abroad varies from country to country, in few abroad countries, the entire MBBS course duration is 4 years while in others, it is 6 years (including internship). On the basis thereof, MBBS in India is a total of 5.2 years along with 1 year of the internship period. Check the below table of the entire MBBS course duration in the abroad countries.

Abroad Countries Entire MBBS Course Duration (Years)
MBBS in Ukraine 5+1 year internship
MBBS in China 5+1 year internship
MBBS in Russia 5.8
MBBS in Philippines 5-6
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 5
MBBS in Armenia 5 or 6
MBBS in Kazakhstan 5
MBBS in Georgia 6
MBBS in Bulgaria 6

Overall Cost – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

If you’re planning for studying MBBS abroad then the overall cost starts from 20 lakhs (including tuition fees, hostel fees, Indian food fees, etc.) However, if you acquire an MBBS seat in government universities in India, then the cost is going to be very less but the cost of doing MBBS in private colleges in India is very much costly. 

All in all, MBBS abroad is cheaper as compared to MBBS in India. That’s why most Indian students prefer to do their MBBS in abroad countries only.

Donation Charges – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

High-Priced donation charges, as well as capitation charges, are taken by private medical colleges in India from MBBS pursuing Indian Students. But, there’s no rule of taking any kind of donation & capitation charges by medical universities abroad. In such instances, it is more beneficial to study medicine abroad rather than MBBS in India.

NEET Required – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India 

Either you’re going to pursue your MBBS in Abroad or India, you need to qualify for the NEET exam. For MBBS abroad, you need to acquire qualifying marks in NEET. Furthermore, MBBS Admission Abroad is on an easy-come-easy-go basis, you’ve got the option to select the best one abroad medical university for you. To acquire MBBS admission in India, there’s a need to score more than 600 marks for government colleges or you should have a big budget.

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USMLE Track – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination) is a three-step examination to acquire a post-graduation seat in the US. As there’s no USMLE track in India, but you will find many medical abroad universities or colleges which also train the students for USMLE so that they can acquire their PG seats easily in the US.

Ease of getting MBBS admission – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

When it comes to MBBS abroad, Indian students just need to qualify the NEET exam with the qualifying marks at least. Once you qualify, you’ll acquire an option to select from the substantial number of medical abroad universities or colleges. However, when it comes to MBBS in India, you can’t easily acquire MBBS admission in the particular college you desire, you can only select from the college of which you clear the cut-off NEET exam. The fact is that more than 10 lakh medical aspirants will not even have a single option open to them for MBBS in India.

Also, it is simple & easy as well to acquire admission to study MBBS abroad rather than study MBBS India.

Recognition – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

Concerning International Recognition, the MBBS degree from the majority of every medical abroad colleges/universities are recognized across the globe (depends upon the university). Almost every Indian student prefers to study MBBS in Ukraine as all of Ukraine’s medical universities are recognized worldwide. When it comes to recognition in India then first of all that Indian medical college must be MCI approved. Also, the abroad medical universities or colleges must be MCI approved too.

Better Option to Study in Abroad Countries – MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India

If you’re planning to study your M.D. in abroad countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, USA after your graduation then it’s advisable to study your MBBS degree in foreign countries only like Ukraine, Germany, etc. Mostly Indian Students prefer to study their MBBS in abroad countries and after that, they move to other countries for their specialization. Moreover, studying MBBS abroad offers more career opportunities to Indian students especially.

MBBS Abroad Value in India

Mostly, it’s a question of every Indian student that does MBBS degree from foreign countries have any value in India? So, there’s no doubt that the answer is “Yes” only. But, it will be valid only in India, if you will qualify your FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) screening test in abroad medical universities. Shortly, it will be replaced with NEXT i.e. National Exit Test Screening Test. After coming back with an MBBS degree from foreign countries, you need to qualify for this screening test & then only your abroad MBBS degree will be valid in India.  Also, the MBBS Abroad value in India is equal level and similar to the Indian MBBS degree. 

Note: This upcoming exam will not perform as a screening test for medical graduates (foreign), also the Indian students who study MBBS in India will be necessary to give this NEXT Screening Test. Furthermore, this exam will also be employed for Post Graduate medical admissions in India, hence switching NEET PG.

Wrapping Up

Many medical students dream of becoming a doctor. Also, they dream of acquiring MBBS admission in the best Government Medical Colleges. But the actual screenplay is contrary as it’s not simple to acquire MBBS admission in Government Colleges. In such instances, the only option left for Indian students is MBBS abroad & genuinely it is the only way through which you can accomplish your dreams of becoming a doctor.

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