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About Armenian Medical Institute, Armenia

Founded in 1990, the Armenian Medical Institute (AMI). It is the first private higher education medical organization in the post-Soviet land and it was feasible to create it, thanks to fresh, progressive thinking in the young Republic of Armenia. 45 Faculties and cycles are currently operating in AMI. Over 200 individuals work for the Institute, with 56 science doctors, 54 teachers, 4 RA Academy of Sciences academics, 15 members of multiple international academies working for the teaching employees.

The founders of the Institute have had complete assistance from medical science doctors, teachers and complete members of the RA National Academy of Sciences (RA NAS) since the very start. R.S.Mamikonyan, L.D.Zhuruli, A.G.Alaverdyan, K.G.Karagezyan, S.G.Khachatryan–are just a few of the experts who participated actively in the establishment of our Institute, trained more than one generation of physicians and made our country’s name known far beyond its boundaries. We have been able to prevent many errors because of their vast experience and understanding.

High-quality facilities, the quality of professional schooling, and AMI’s ethical integrity already produce fruit in the most human field of human expertise – disease therapy. Our Institute graduates job as physicians not only in the Republic of Armenia but beyond its boundaries as well.

Over the previous few years, AMI has implemented a strategy of inclusion into European space, and our officials work in Vienna (Austria), Lubeck (Germany) and Kortrijk (Belgium) in addition to current offices in Moscow (RF) and Los Angeles (USA).

Armenian Medical University – MCI Status

The Indian Medical and Dental Council recognizes and approves the Armenian Medical Institute. Other councils such as the World Health Organization, the International Medical Education Directory and UNESCO also strongly recognize it.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS

Studying at the Armenian Medical Institute would approximately cost about 3800 USD per year. This accounts for the payment of 3800 USD every year for about 6 years in total. Which in terms of Indian rupee accounts for about 2,66,000 Rupees.

Internship at Armenian Medical Institute

The internship can be completed in two locations: either at the Armenian Medical Institute or in your own home town. Indian students may choose to do their home town internship. Furthermore, the college also enables candidates to apply for an internship at any International Medical College. But most students prefer to complete the internship at the Armenian Institute itself due to the enormous flow of patients and exposure to medical cases.

Why MBBS in Armenia?

The low tuition fee in Armenia’s medical universities is the main reason why thousands of learners from around the globe are attracted. Students prefer MBBS in Armenia because of the equipment they get in Armenia’s top public medical universities when they go for the choice of MBBS abroad. Studying MBBS in Armenia and fulfilling his / her dream of becoming a doctor can be an incredibly wise choice for a student. The other primary reason why learners prefer medicine in Armenia is the adoption of English as the medium of instructions. Indian learners hold quite a large percentage of foreign learners visiting Armenia for their medical learners.

Scholarship for MBBS in Armenian Medical Institute

The College offers learners with weak economic background many possibilities. The College of Medicine also offers additional scholarships depending on the medical students ‘ academic performance and other activities. Stipends can further promote global students ‘ schooling and leadership and enable them to diligently cultivate and study their morality.

How To Get Admission at the Armenian Medical School for Indian Students

For Indian medical aspirants, MBBS in Armenia may be the best choice. Indian learners at their medical university get everything they want. Low course fees for MBBS, excellent clinical exposure, excellent medical education, contemporary infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories attract thousands of learners in Armenia to do MBBS.

The institute’s MBBS graduates are qualified to undergo medical licensing tests in various nations such as MCI, SCHS, HPCSA, PMDC, USMLE, etc.

Armenian Medical Institute Admission Procedures

Eligibility Criteria

The following is the minimum eligibility criteria for Indian students to get through the Armenian Medical Institute is: 

  • Should have completed 17 years of age
  • Should have passed 10th and 12th grade with 50% marks. 
  • In physics, chemistry and biology, at least 50 per cent total.
  • NEET score is mandatory – Minimum score is enough (Implemented from 2018).

Armenian Medical Institute Application Form

The application process occurs in two steps:

Step 1: Preliminary Documentation Process:

This step basically involves the assessment of the educational background by the University. All the necessary documents need to be submitted to the Armenian Medical Institute for verification and assessment. 

Step 2: Application To the University:

Application to the University can be done online through Armenian Medical Institute  Official Website.

The documents needed are:

  • Passport copy
  • High school Mark sheet
  • Digital Photographs
  • Letters of Recommendation from School
  • Guardian letter
  • Approved Visa Copy
  • Migration letter from the Medical Council of India
  • Medical Test Report
  • Report on HIV

Armenian Medical Institute Ranking

One of the finest medical schools in Armenia occupying the top 100 best medical schools is the Armenian Medical Institute. Within 25,000 medical schools, the institute is one of those top universities internationally.

Armenian Medical Institute Hostel Life

Armenia is a country in the rocky Caucasus region between Asia and Europe, and the former Soviet republic. The climate is continental highland, with four seasons dry. Armenian temperatures can vary considerably from season to season. The summer is generally pleasant to reach 25 degrees, although temperatures can rise to 40 degrees in the Ararat valley.

The hostel’s rooms are spacious and spacious. The rooms can be rented indoors or outdoors. The spacious rooms are equipped with air conditioning, heaters for water, furniture, bed, telephones, internet, etc. There are public laundry facilities and common kitchen facilities. It is also possible to share the rooms with two or three candidates.

Armenian Medical Institute Reviews

“Armenia is such a cool place, to study and stay. No one can feel it has a different place, as most of the Indian students study here”, Says Nandhini Final year student from India.

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