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The Philippines is a southeast Asian country which is the major country of the Asian continent. It is the 8th most populated country of the Asian continent and is the 12th largest of the world.

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and the country is located at the equator of the Pacific ring of fire due to which it is highly prone to having the natural calamities such as earthquake etc. It is one of the highest natural resources countries in the world which has an abundance of natural resources in the whole world. 

The Philippines is the country which is surrounded by the plenty of the islands around it. There are over 7641 islands in the Philippines, which make it one of the most exploring countries in the world by tourists.

If we talk about the educational domain of the Philippines then it is having a decent educational infrastructure which is continuously growing in the modern time. Specifically, if we talk about medical education, then there are the numbers of medical institutions which are recognized worldwide due to their quality and the standard of education.

MBBS in Philippines is one of the most sought courses which is sought not just by the native aspirants, but by also the foreign aspirants from the other Asian countries.

The majority of the Asian MBBS aspirants, who aspire to study MBBS abroad from the other Asian countries they tend to prioritize the Philippines as their decent option.

Here in this article today we are going to make our discussion about the MBBS in Philippines, and this article is going to be fruitful for all such aspirants who want to study MBBS from the Philippines.

We would provide such aspirants with the required information of MBBS in the Philippines which will help you in planning your MBBS studies further from the Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines for Indian Medical Students

Well, for the Indian medical students there are so many options for studying MBBS from foreign countries. There are many neighboring Asian countries from where they can study medicine abroad, yet the MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is still considered a decent option due to many reasons.

The medical domain of India is highly competitive and there is lesser medical seat availability in the comparison of the numbers of aspirants, who are willing to study the courses such as MBBS. This is the major reason that why the Philippines is the considerable option to them, as it is the neighboring country of India and the Indian students get many positive factors or the privileges of studying MBBS from the Philippines.

Why Choose Philippines for MBBS/Medical Studies 

MBBS course in the Philippines is no doubt the renowned medical course of the Philippines, which attract the massive number of foreign aspirants across the various Asian countries.

There are many reasons behind choosing the Philippines for the MBBS education and here below you can find some major reasons for it.

  • There are many widely recognized medical institutions in Philippines which are approved by all the major medical bodies in the world including MCI which is the significant consideration for the Indian MBBS aspirants.
  • The medium of MBBS studies in the Philippines is English which is the other major reason.
  • Aspirants can get the MBBS education at very reasonable fee package which is lower than studying the MBBS from the other countries.
  • Cost of living in the Philippines is also very low and the climate of the country is favorable to the aspirants.
  • Aspirants can seek direct admission in the Philippines without paying any donation amount.
  • The studying environment of the Philippines is very safe both for the native and the foreign aspirants as well.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Philippines | Overseas MBBS Advantages

MBBS admission in Philippines brings many advanced to the aspirants which should be considered by them before taking their admission elsewhere.

Here below are some major advantages of studying MBBS from the Philippines.

  • The standard of MBBS education in the Philippines is very decent which is recognized equivalent to the MBBS education from developed countries such as the United States.
  • The cost of living in the Philippines is very affordable to the aspirants.
  • There is no concept of accepting the donation amount in the Philippines medical colleges.
  • There is the universal medium of studying which is English only.
  • The medical degree from the Philippines is recognized across the Globe.

Eligibility Criteria for Studying MBBS in Philippines | Requirements for Studying MBBS in Philippines 

Well, if you are looking for the MBBS in Philippines eligibility then you can find it here.

Below we are mentioning the eligibility criteria for the MBBS admission in the Philippines which should be considered by all the aspirants.

  • The minimum education of the candidates should be 10+2 exam from the recognized board or the University of the concerned region.
  • The mandatory subject of studies in the 10+2 examination should be physics, chemistry, and mathematics and the passing percentage minimum should be of 50%.
  • The candidates must have qualified the NEET exam if they belong to the Indian nation.

Best Medical Universities in Philippines to Study MBBS Abroad

There are plenty of the medical Universities which offer the MBBS course in Philippines, and it’s up to you that which of them you may be willing to choose for yourself.

Here below we are providing you the name of some top medical colleges/Universities of Philippines which you can consider to study MBBS abroad.

How to Take Admission in Philippines MBBS Colleges/ Universities for Indian Students

MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students 2019 is a decent choice, that they can consider studying their MBBS course. If you are willing to plan your studies from the Philippines then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

First of all the aspirants need to make their application by filling up the application forms which are out by the end of July each year.

  • Submit the application form and then wait for the approval of the form from the University.
  • The admission is offered on the basis of first come and first serve basis.
  • The candidates whose application forms get the approval are invited for the further formalities.
  • At last, the aspirants just have to pay their fee and then the academic session begins.

Requirements for MBBS Admission in Philippines for 2020-2021

Philippines MBBS admission 2020 season is going on and this is the time when the majority of the aspirants are seeking their admission in the Philippines medical colleges. There is the proper systematic way of granting the admission by the medical institutions of the Philippines.

Below are the certain requirements which must be fulfilled by the candidates in order to get their admission.

  • First of all, candidates need to read the admissions eligibility criteria of the particular medical college where the candidate is seeking the admission.
  • Now after reading the eligibility criteria they just need to make their applications for the admission.
  • Keep the passport and Visa ready to move to the Philippines.
  • Candidates must be having the custody of all the required documents with them.
  • The MCI approval letter may also be asked in the case of Indian MBBS aspirants.

Fee Structure of Philippines Medical Universities for MBBS 2020

Before you plan to study MBBS abroad you must make yourself aware with the Philippines medical college fee, so that you can accordingly arrange the funds.

Here below you can get the MBBS fee structure for the major medical colleges or the Universities of Philippines.


MBBS Study in Philippines: Financial Advise for Parents 
Just like the
MBBS in Philippines eligibility does matter in a similar manner the planning of funds in studying the MBBS from the foreign countries also is the matter of consideration. It’s the parents of the aspirants who have to arrange the funds in order to get their kids admission into the Philippines medical colleges.

If we analyze the fee structure of the MBBS education in the Philippines then it is quite lower in the comparison of the other countries. Specifically, in the comparison of the Indian medical institutions, it is quite cheaper thus for the Indian parents the Philippines is still a better option in the context of fee structure.

MBBS from the Philippines is the decent option who want the decent standard of education at the affordable fee structure. There are many medical institutions in the Philippines from where you can even get the scholarship program as well.

Apply Now for MBBS Study in Philippines

The MBBS admission in the best medical Universities in Philippines begins from the month of July which is just approaching soon. We urge all the aspirants to keep themselves updated with the admission notification of the concerned medical institution so that they can apply promptly for the MBBS admission.

Generally there are fewer MBBS seats in the Philippines, thus the basis of the admission in on the first come first serve basis. All the candidates should be having their documents ready so that they can present it at the right time of admission.

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