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Medical & Surgery Bachelor’s degree is called MBBS in South Asian nations, but it has a distinct name in Australia. A number of global learners passing their pre-medical or high school dreams to study MBBS in Australia or other foreign degrees in medicine. Due to outstanding academic norms and high quality of life, Australia is among the top three choices.

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Australia has always been a favourite destination for aspiring future physicians in Australia to study MBBS. Australia offers its physicians with an excellent working setting, beautiful wages and an excellent lifestyle, which is why individuals are more willing to study medicine in Australia.

Why Australia:

Australian medical schools enjoy an excellent reputation due to the teaching, training and study resources they provide to their learners. In this “island continent,” the quality of medical education is ranked very high across the globe. Here medical schools and universities give competitive and sensible fee structure and accommodation, thus facilitating their learners in a supportive and less costly setting to finish their MBBS in Australia.

Indian Medical Council accreditation in Australia:

The main benefit of studying MBBS in Australia is that it is a medical degree that is globally acknowledged. Unlike other MBBS programs that require MCI to exercise extra screening exams in India, screening examinations are not required.

However, as a medical practitioner, you should have a valid medical license in both Australia and India. You can register with the Indian Medical Council immediately and begin practicing medicine without any further examination.

Opportunities after MBBS from Australia:

Since the MBBS or MBChB is applicable in India, all you need to do is get a permit to practice in India after finishing the studies. Then you have two alternatives in front of you. You can either become a medical officer of the government or pursue further research.


Medical research is provided as an undergraduate or postgraduate course in Australia. Depending on the course you are attending, the undergraduate program is categorized as the Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. On the other side, as the Doctor of Medicine, the postgraduate or equivalent program is classified.

In Australia, some universities offer only undergraduate or postgraduate programs, while other universities offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Some medical colleges, as well as the college leaver, give medicine classes for graduates.

In Australia, there are different models of medical education. Various medical schools throughout the nation give distinct degree length varying from 4 to 6 years. Usually, Australia’s MBBS programs last between 5 and 7 years and, as the name indicates, accept secondary school enrollments.

Entry Requirements for a seat in Australia:

Australia followed the typical medical education scheme, comparable to European countries, until 2004. It had a degree program for a bachelor, nothing but MBBS, and an MD program for a master. These two degrees were regarded to be the fundamental undergraduate programs for further medical research programs. In 2004, major changes were made to the Australian Qualifications Framework.

  • Undergraduate medical degrees for high school graduates and the length of this course is 5 to 6 years, giving the MBBS degree.
  • A 4-year graduate program that provides the MD degree.

Required Documents:

  • Duly filled out the admission application form.
  • A passport copy.
  • A copy of the certificate of birth.
  • Previous mark sheets such as 10, 11, and 12 grades.
  • A certificate leaving the 12th college.
  • IELTS or TOEFL score sheet.

Undergraduate Medical Programs in Australia:

In Australia, the length of this program is 6 years. It includes many theoretical courses, followed by strict practical sessions to be introduced for better education by Australian Quality Frameworks. However, many colleges and medical colleges in Australia do not offer this entrance level UG medical program.

Only a few medical schools in Australia provides global learners with this UG degree. For global learners, offering the MBBS program in Australia, the University of New South Wales and the University of Adelaide are two famous medical universities in Australia.

Eligibility for this course:

  • Higher secondary completion should be sought by the student from any recognized board and institute.
  • Qualifying for linguistic skills.
  • Scoring in IELTS at least 7.
  • Seventeen years minimum age.
  • UMAT qualifying – Special test for global learners undertaken as an entrance exam.

Graduate Medical Programs in Australia:

As a Masters Program, all medical programs other than the undergraduate degree are regarded.MD is a four-year program and is offered by most of Australia’s top medical schools and medical universities. Although MD is conferred by all universities, some universities call it with a distinct nomenclature.

Admission Process in Australia:

  • A Higher certificate of high school with qualification marks/certificate of a bachelor’s degree, from the science stream.
  • Score UMAT / MCAT or GAMSAT.
  • Interview with staff

Australia has a prevalent education in reaching out to study medicine and submitting its apps. Every year, in all medical universities for global learners, the undergraduate and graduate programs start from the month of January. So, if a student is seeking admission to Australia’s medical school, one must apply at least 10 months before the academic year begins.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS in Australia:

Australia hosts nearly 5 lakhs of global learners each year, and each year the amount of learners flying to Australia to receive their degree rises by 15% to 20%. It’s quite costly for global learners, though, being a rich country with a lavish lifestyle. Because MBBS is deemed an undergraduate program and considering educational costs, many prefer studying in Canada. Australia is greater than the MBBS for Indian student charges in Canada.

While the tuition fees for the medical degree in Australia remain substantial and differ slightly with each Australian university, this dream country’s price of living is at least $15,000 a year.

Various Universities and their Fee structure:

Universities Tuition Fee in Indian Rupees Duration of Studies Living Cost in Rupees
University of Sydney 2,596,696.18 INR 5 years 727,773.59 INR
Bond University 2,296,853.46 INR 4.8 years 582,218.87 INR
University of Adelaide 3,299,240.28 INR 6 years 727,773.59 INR
University of Melbourne 3,612,862.18 INR 7 years 970,364.79 INR

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