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Why choose EduPedia Overseas – Study Abroad Consultant for your MBBS?

Study abroad consultants are masters who provide unique & best guidance to the medical aspirants in their search for the best medical abroad university, & also help them with altogether information for their bright career i.e. straight from MBBS application, acquiring scholarships, travel help to the entire process of abroad college MBBS admissions. Moreover, like study abroad, consultants completely research the MBBS admission process of every abroad medical colleges and universities. Also, they have the right perception of the basic admission requirements to identify the simple processes of acquiring MBBS admission in foreign countries.

MBBS Education Consultant satisfies all the queries of Indian students by filling the gap between the Indian medical student & abroad medical universities. Also, MBBS admission abroad consultants play a vital role in building a bright career of medical aspirants in the medical field. They provide updated details & information about the latest refinements in the admission entry procedures and also provide high-quality assistance to Indian students on one & the other basis.

As you know, there are many MBBS Admission Abroad Consultants out there in India. But, selecting the right & best education consultant for your MBBS abroad totally depends upon Indian medical students and parents as well. 

EduPedia Overseas – Best MBBS Abroad Consultants in India

EduPedia Overseas is an MBBS Admission Abroad Consultancy in India that offers high-quality consultancy services to the medical aspirants which satisfy all customer’s queries, where and whenever necessary, by providing clear, accurate information and advice. At EduPedia Overseas, we offer one-stop solutions to the requirements of the Indian medical students. Also, we educate the medical students along with their parents too about the entire MBBS abroad process and admission procedure. Furthermore, thousands of our medical students went abroad for their MBBS education. 

Services offered by EduPedia Overseas

  • Entire admission process i.e. Counseling, Admission, and Visa Process.
  • D & A Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Services for Parents: City tour, Pick up for our clients from airports, providing professional translators, etc.

Why choose EduPedia Overseas for studying MBBS in foreign countries?

The reason behind most of the students opting for EduPedia Overseas is genuine & authentic! What is best among this MBBS Abroad Consultancy is they know that everything has pros and cons, and also explains both the positive and negative sides of the coin to the medical aspirants along with their parents. Furthermore, we give most of the services at nominal prices & the processing fees for applying to abroad medical universities are reasonably very less as compared to other MBBS abroad consultancies.

At EduPedia Overseas, we understand the requirements of each & every individual & ensure to distribute all the necessary information for studying MBBS Abroad in Top Medical Universities. We believe in helping the medical students along with their parents in a very transparent and friendly manner. We also guide them in selecting the leading medical universities based on their requirements and preferences. Also, we are recognized in the states like “Best MBBS Abroad Consultant  Punjab” & “Best MBBS Abroad Consultant Haryana”.

Benefits of choosing a study abroad consultancy like EduPedia Overseas

  • Authorized representatives of the medical abroad universities with 10+ years of experience.
  • Honest & Reliable MBBS admission in the foremost medical universities.
  • Excellent consultation & assisting them from the very 1st day until their graduation.
  • Preparation for your MBBS visa application.
  • Processing all your documents for the MBBS admission abroad.
  • Experiences Indian team in Ukraine & China for emergencies.
  • Meet thousands of other Indian EduPedia Overseas Students.

Few more reasons to pick us for your MBBS Abroad 2020

1. Free career counseling:

Our medical experts provide free career counseling to the medical students along with their parents by personally meeting & guiding them to acquire the correct information to select as a medical university & course. Also, we provide free MBBS admission counseling to the Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad in foreign countries such as:

2. Admission counseling

Admission guidance from our certified senior experts at EduPedia Overseas is exceptional! We provide an individual emphasis on each student’s application by focusing the sections necessary for a well made, bug-free application.

3. Visa Assistance

Right from selecting the best medical abroad university to filling up your MBBS application, drafting the financial bank statements, providing assistance, and travel help along with your accommodation & food, we take care of Indian student’s every desire.

4. Post Admission Assistance

Our medical abroad experts abroad will be seeing off while you depart and also receiving you at the airport once you reach there, accompany the Indian students to the medical universities & help them in stabilizing at no additional cost. 

Register yourself for our Free Counseling Seminar today!

After the NEET exam 2020, our free counseling seminars will start. In our free seminars, you’ll get a chance to meet our senior medical abroad experts who will guide you best for your bright future. Whatever is your query or doubt, you can ask them without any fear because it’s better to clear your doubts before making mind for any particular country for your MBBS abroad. Also, you can attend our seminars with your parents because we also guide the parents as well. 

Our seminars will be in cities like Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Jammu, Bathinda, Hoshiarpur, Sangrur, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Panipat, Sonipat, Hisar, Rohtak, and many more. Dates and Venues will be shared with the registered participants. Try to come with your parents for better guidance regarding your MBBS in foreign countries.

For registering yourself in our seminars, share your details like name, city, and contact either on WhatsApp number or on email. Also, for more queries & registrations regarding study MBBS abroad, you can call us at +917307366663.

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Summarizing the Above

EduPedia Overseas is the best study MBBS abroad consultant in Punjab and Haryana as of now who is guiding the medical students at every level and making them comfy till they reach abroad. With us, you can stay tension-free and settle abroad effortlessly. 

So, are you ready to go with us? If yes, reach our main branches in Amritsar and Chandigarh & meet our experts. Also, feel free to contact us either by email, WhatsApp or contact number, if you aren’t able to come and want to choose us for your MBBS abroad!  

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