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Where should I prefer to do an MBBS abroad: Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, or Georgia?

Whenever we talk about studying MBBS abroad, the very first question which comes in the minds of Indian students is “Where should I prefer to do my MBBS?” What I can recommend you to consider is the following things before you finalize any foreign country for your MBBS abroad.

  1. Cost of Study MBBS Abroad
  2. MCI & WHO Approved Selected Abroad Medical University
  3. MCI Screening Test
  4. Accommodation & Food
  5. Career Opportunities after MBBS abroad
  6. Language/Medium of MBBS Instruction
  7. Climate Conditions

1. Cost of MBBS in Abroad

One of the greatest decision-making points before concluding where to study MBBS abroad is the cost or fees of MBBS education. If we talk about MBBS in USA, MBBS in Australia, MBBS in Canada, MBBS in the UK, MBBS in New Zealand, MBBS in European countries then they are more costly rather than doing MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in China

If you’ve dreamt to study in countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK then your budget should be more than 1 crores. Also, there’s no direct MBBS admission in such countries. For that, you need to do your first pre-medical course (4 years) and after that have to clear the entrance exam (too much difficult) for acquiring a successful MBBS admission. 

But, if you want to study at an affordable fee structure along with high-quality MBBS education, then the best choice is MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine has seen an increase in notability & has seen every-increasing Indian students going there to study MBBS abroad. The reason behind selecting MBBS in Ukraine is quite simple – affordable and high-quality MBBS education which is making it one of the foremost destinations for studying MBBS abroad. Furthermore, almost all the Abroad Medical Universities in Ukraine are government universities. The best university for MBBS in Ukraine is Kharkiv National Medical University where you’ll find many Indian Students studying their MBBS.

Other choices where the total MBBS cost is quite affordable consist of the Philippines, Russia, Georgia, and China. 

2. Choose an MCI and WHO approved Abroad Medical University

Every year, more than 100 medical students take MBBS admission abroad medical universities which are not approved by MCI (Medical Council of India). But the fact is that, if you go to an abroad medical university which is not recognized by MCI then you can’t practice in India. Therewith, it is amongst the most significant factors to consider while deciding the MBBS Abroad Medical University/College. 

Also, if you acquire your MBBS degree from an MCI approved abroad medical university then you can appear for FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) or the MCI screening test.

3. MCI Screening Test

After completing your MBBS in foreign countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, or Georgia, Indian students have to clear the MCI Screening Test for doing practice in India. So, it’s advisable to Indian students while deciding medical university abroad, always check the MCI Screening Test Ratio of that particular country. Also, prefer that country where you can acquire MCI coaching since the first year of MBBS. For that reason, Ukraine is the country where you can acquire MCI coaching and that also free of cost.

4. Accommodation & Food

Another major factor to consider while finalizing deciding which medical university/college to study MBBS abroad from is the provision of clean, orderly & comfy accommodation along with the presence of Indian food (i.e. both vegetarian & non-vegetarian). 

Indian students will not face any kind of problem in finding accommodation for them as most abroad medical colleges/universities have in-campus hostels. EduPedia Overseas (Study MBBS Abroad Consultant) representatives have visited countries such as the Philippines, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine and have found the best facilities of Indian hostels and food is in Ukraine but there’s no doubt that Indian food is available in the Philippines, Russia, and Ukraine.

5. Career Opportunities after MBBS Abroad

MBBS in Abroad offers great career opportunities to medical aspirants as it provides numerous choices to Indian students after completing their MBBS from Abroad Medical Universities. After completing MBBS from abroad, one can appear for FMGE or MCI Screening Test so that he/she can come back to India for his/her practice. One can go for any other foreign countries like for doing PG. Also, he/she can settle in that particular country or can do work over there. Moreover, while studying MBBS courses, Indian medical students can apply for the entrance exams such as USMLE, CMCE, AMCE, NMCE, if they want to pursue their PG or to settle and practice in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

6. Language/Medium of MBBS Instruction

Language/Medium of MBBS Instruction is another aspect that needs to be considered while deciding your MBBS Abroad University because there are many abroad countries where you’ve to study MBBS abroad in local languages. Let’s take an example of MBBS in Ukraine. In Ukraine, all six years of MBBS in English Language only. On the other hand, if we talk about Russia or China, their first two years of MBBS in English Language and the rest four years of MBBS in Russian and Chinese Language. Also, it’s very much important to learn such local languages so that you can easily interact with your patients, doctors, medical faculty, etc.

So, it’s necessary to find the best abroad country according to your language preferences where you can easily pursue your MBBS education.

7. Climate Conditions

These days, the climate is becoming a major factor as some Indian students encounter difficulties to settle in the climate of other abroad countries. But, this is not an issue for the majority of Indian students as they enjoy the weather along with snowfalls. Also, the hostels and campuses abroad medical universities are internally heated, resulting in the prevention of health issues. But, if anyhow you’ve any health issues then while concluding your abroad medical university, try to keep in mind the weather of that particular country to study MBBS abroad.

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The above-mentioned factors need to be considered whenever you’re deciding to study MBBS abroad. Keeping these factors in mind will help you in the future along with career opportunities after MBBS abroad. But, if you’re still confused and don’t know which country to choose for your MBBS abroad then contact us today. We will help you to the fullest by providing the exact and necessary details of each country.

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