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The State University of Lomonosov Moscow was founded in 1755. It is one of Russia’s oldest higher education institutions. This university is named after Academician Mikhail Lomonosov (1711-1765), a famous Russian scientist. He was the greatest contributor to this university’s establishment. The university has the highest academic standards and democratic ideals to be followed by the students. The University has been known as the major learning and research centre and an important cultural centre since ancient times.

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In all branches of modern science and humanities, Lomonosov Moscow State University offers training. In its 39 faculties, there are up to 128 qualifications for undergraduates. There are 18 science and humanities branches in 168 different areas for postgraduates. University Museums offers a wide range of academic courses and research work.

The university has 2,500 higher doctoral degree holders. Not only that, but there are also nearly 6,000 candidate degree holders. The total number of lecturers at the University is 5,000. In 350 research projects in diversified fields around 4,500 scientists and scholars are currently involved. The University has got a Library, the University Publishing House, a printing shop, a recreational centre, and a boarding school for talented children.


There are 39 faculties and 15 centres of research at MSU. A few faculties like the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry and the Higher School of Television have been opened in recent times. The Economics, History, Journalism, Philology, Psychology, and Sociology Faculties have a batch for the evening.

A number of new faculties, departments and laboratories of research have been established in recent times. New academic programs with new curricula have been introduced. There are more than 140 programs for distance learning. There are currently 30 new interdisciplinary areas in place.

The Departments of the University are:

  • Department of Physiology
  • Department of Anatomy
  • Department of Surgery
  • Department of General and Clinical pathology
  • Department of Physicochemical Medicine
  • Department of Biological and Medical Chemistry
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Department of Therapy
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Department of Multidisciplinary Clinical Training
  • Department of Obstetrics
  • Department of Ecological and Extreme Medicine

The university is made up of four research laboratories, namely the Adaptation Medicine Laboratory, the Cell and Genetic Technology Laboratory, the Cardiovascular System Pharmacology Laboratory, and the Medicine Computer Technology Laboratory.


From the point of view of engineering and operations, Lomonosov Moscow State University has an extremely complex system. It has 1,000,000 square meters of floor space in 1,000 buildings and buildings, 8 dormitories with more than 12,000 students and 300 km of utility lines. The University, however, needs to be modernized and developed to meet modern requirements in terms of both higher learning and research.

Course Description:

Duration: 6 Years

Lomonosov Moscow State University Recognition- MCI status:

Students receive mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology from the study of natural science during the first three years of the program. In the following three years, mainly clinical disciplines will be taught.

National Recognition:

  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
  • European University Association

International Recognition:

  • Medical Council of India.
  • International Forum of Public Universities.
  • World Health Organization.

Lomonosov Moscow State University cost of studying and MBBS fee Structure:

The expenses at the university can be estimated as follows:

Tuition Fee charges 1,39,840 Rupees
Accommodation Charges 4400 – 13,000 Rupees per month (depending on the type of living)
Medical Test Charges 5000 Rupees Approximately
Health Insurance Charges 9000 Rupees Approximately

Other additional charges may be for travel, food, documents seeking, etc.…

Fees in Indian rupees:

1 Russian Ruble equals1.07 Indian Rupee

Internship at the Lomonosov Moscow State University:

Internship Choices:

  • Can be done at the University or
  • Can fly back to India to do the Internship.

 Scholarship for MBBS in Lomonosov Moscow State University:

The University is awarding scholarships to outstanding promotional students with financial support. Students can apply directly to the University’s official website to use the funds.

How to get admission In Lomonosov Moscow State University for Indian Students?

Russia is one of the famous places for Indian students in terms of education. Every year a lot of Indian students move to Lomonosov Moscow State University for their Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses. In the case of both cost and education, Lomonosov Moscow State University is the best choice for Indian students.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Admission:

Based on the results of the examinations, the applicants are enrolled.

  • Step 1:

To choose the faculty.


  • Step 2:

To fly to Moscow, Russia with all the required original documents.

  • Step 3:

To provide the university all the required documents.

  • Application form
  • High School Transfer Certificate
  • An official copy of the academic record (Marksheets, High school passing Certificate)
  • Medical certificate provided by India. (The AIDS/HIV test results confirming the absence of the Condition)
  • Passport
  • Valid Visa
  • Immigration certificate.
  • Digital photographs.
  • Step 4:

Is to clear the entrance exam conducted at the University. The Entrance exam step completely depends upon the number of applicants.

  • Step 5:

Is to receive the Invitation letter from the University. To obtain an invitation letter, it is necessary to obtain a student visa. The letter of invitation will be sent to the student upon consideration of Your documents. It takes approximately 45 days to get the invitation letter.

  • Step 6:

To state an agreement with the faculty.

  • Step 7:

To get clearance from the German Embassy. To pay the first year fee to the University.

  • Step 8:

To fly to the University to start the class.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Application Form:

Application to the University can be done at the Lomonosov Moscow State University official site. One can directly login and do the registration.

Kindly find the link below to apply:


Lomonosov Moscow State University Ranking:

In the most recent QS Graduate Rankings, Lomonosov Moscow State University ranks 101-110, making it the highest-ranking Russian university for graduates.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Hostel Life:

The University offers one-bedroom accommodation in the main campus building for foreign students. With bed, table, lamps, a small closet, and a bookshelf, the rooms are simple but convenient. There are a fridge, laundry rooms, a kitchen that adds an extra advantage to the student.

In the vicinity of the hostel are restaurants, shopping centre, cultural centre, post offices, and computer centre. The University always ensures that the hostel strictly maintains hygiene and cleanliness.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Reviews:

“Deep theoretical knowledge and applied skills, one roof to be more skilled and intelligent”, Says a third-year Medical Student from India.

Do Share Your Reviews about the Lomonosov Moscow State University Below:


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