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The State Medical University of Orenburg was first founded in 1955. The University is located 1,478 kilometres (918 mi) southeast of Moscow in Orenburg City. OSMU is close to the Kazakh border. There are now more than 550 members of scientists and staff working with this University.

The State Medical University of Orenburg is considered to be Russia’s best university. The faculty provides the general medicine field to the students. Every year about 200 specialists leaves this University to serve the patients around the globe. There are approximately 54 subjects for the students during the training program.

There are approximately 47 departments and 300 teachers and professors and doctors associates. Students get the chance to learn the entire functioning of the body from the basics of the human body.OSMU students are provided with hands-on training for the treatment of patients on the hospital campus itself. Research work is included within the syllabus to enable students to improve their learning skills.

Hospital Facility:

In Orenburg, there are over 18 clinical bases for student training:

  • Regional clinical hospital in Orenburg
  • Clinical hospital in the municipality
  • Clinical Hospital of the municipality named after Pirogov N.I.
  • Regional clinical hospital in Orenburg
  • Clinical hospital number of the municipal town
  • Orenburg Station Railway Clinical Hospital
  • Municipal clinical hospital polyclinic

Orenburg State Medical University Recognition:

The university is officially accredited and/or recognized by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health. The students graduated from the University can appear in any International entrance exam and get qualified.

More importantly, the University is approved and recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization. This makes a clear path for the Indian students to pursue a degree at this University.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS at the Orenburg State Medical University:

The cost of pursuing MBBS at Orenburg State Medical University is highly affordable and lower than most of India’s private colleges. By offering two types of payment, the college made payment methods simple.

A detailed explanation of the fee structure is given below in the upcoming sections.

Orenburg State Medical University Fee Structure:

  Tuition Fee Charges Hostel Fee Charges Total Fee Charges in US Dollars Total Fee Charges in Rupees
1st Year Fee Charges 5300 $ 400 $ 5700 $ 4,00,000 Rupees
2nd to 6th Year Fee Charges 4200 $ 300 $ 4500 $ 3,15,000 Rupees
Total Fee Charges     28,200 $ 19,74,000 Rupees
Processing Charges     1300 $ 90,000 Rupees

  • Tuition Fee Includes the laboratory charges, textbooks, library and examination charges.
  • Hostel Fee includes the charges for electricity, the furnishes rooms, kitchen and water.
  • In the case of Indian mess, the students need to pay a fee of Rupees 8,000 per month for the lunch and dinner services.

Internship at Orenburg State Medical University:

Practice at the State Medical University of Orenburg is not mandatory. Students may choose to do the University or Home City internship. This option can save the fee and the charges for the hostel during the internship.

Scholarship for MBBS in Orenburg State Medical University:

The Fee charges are highly manageable and affordable. Though the University provides in a lot of scholarship opportunities to the students. Every year the students who perform best in the academics are qualified for the tuition fee waiver. Apart from that, there are a lot of scholarships provided to the students that help them a lot.

How to get Admission at Orenburg State Medical University for Indian students:

Russia is one of the finest places for Indian students. The University of Orenburg State Medical University is the most sought Universities amongst Russia. Currently, more than 300 Indian students are pursuing MBBS at the University. Every year the application process starts in the month of September.

Orenburg State Medical University Admission:

Given below is a detailed explanation of the steps that are needed to be followed to seek admission into the Orenburg State Medical University.

Step 1: To Apply Online.

The application to the University can be done online. The link to the University application section will be put down in the following sections.

Documents required to be uploaded will be seeking admission:

  • 10th Marksheet
  • 12th Marksheet
  • School Transfer certificate
  • Valid Passport

Step 2: Receiving the Invitation letter:

Depending on the acceptance of the student, the University will send in an Invitation letter for the student to join. This process usually takes 7 working days.

Step 3: Pay to the University:

Once the letter is received, the student is expected to pay the first-year fees to the University as soon as possible.

Step 4: Visa Application:

After paying, the student can apply for the Visa.

Step 5: Fly to Russia:

On receiving the Visa, the student can fly to Russia for the classes to begin. Usually, the classes start in the 1st week of September.

Orenburg State Medical University Application form:

The application for the University can be done online through the Official Website of the Orenburg State Medical University.

Kindly find the link below to download the application form for International Students:


Orenburg State Medical University Ranking:

  • Rank 254th in the country amongst the other Medical colleges in Russia.
  • Rank 6811th in the world amongst the other International Medical Colleges.

Orenburg State Medical University Hostel life:

OSMU has three university hostels. The Indian students are reserved for the third hostel. These hostels give the students who came from various places a very homely feeling. There is a University sports club that was first opened in 2013. The University’s primary goal is to organize and enhance sports work for students, the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle and upgrade sportsmanship. There are 12 sports leagues in the club in which all Indian students participate such as aerobics, swimming, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, track-and-field athletics, table tennis, lifting, skiing, chess, etc.

Orenburg State Medical University Review:

“Highly exposed internship period, even to cases like a tropical disease. A great room for knowledge”, says Ram Third-year Medical student from India.

Do Share Your Reviews about the Orenburg State Medical University Below:

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