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Vinnitsa National Medical University, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, is an MBBS medical university in Ukraine co-educated by the state. The National Medical University of Vinnitsa was established in 1921. More than 500 educators are presently working at the university, including 90 science physicians, professors, 340 science candidates.Vinnytsia City is about 260 km from the capital town of Kyiv and travelling between the two towns by train takes about 2-3 hours. The town is well linked and simple to get from Kyiv to Vinnitsa.Vinnitsa’s climate is continental mild. The average temperature in January is 5 degrees and in June is 18 degrees.

For international learners, annually the chairs of the university problem 10-12 textbooks of techniques and other educational-methodical equipment. The vice-rector for global connections coordinates the activities of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya on training physicians among foreign people, global cooperation and global relations.


The college is equipped with contemporary diagnostic facilities for education, science and therapy. Construction is finished of the third new instructional building. More than 5,500 learners and physicians, practical students/fieldworkers, including over 600 foreign people, are studying at Vinnitsa National Medical University. At the cost of the University, educational spaces, hostels and resting areas are reliably protected by police.

Students ‘ cultural recreation is diverse: there are 36 amateur circles and studios (dancing, one national instrument, folk ensemble, “Nadbuzhanka” folk choir, 28 sports circles). National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnitsa has been training medical staff from Asian, African, Latin American and European nations (including Greece, Portugal, Spain) for more than 40 years.

Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityRecognition – MCI status:

The degree awarded by Vinnitsa National Medical University is called MD (Physician) and the course duration is 6 years. The degree is also recognised by the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), US Education Department and General Council Of Medicine of Great Britain. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO) accredit/recognize the University. This implies that after graduating from Vinnitsa National Medical University, Indian learners are qualified to sit for the FMGE or MCI screening test.

Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityFee Structure:

Year of Study Cost in Dollars Cost in Rupees
1st Academic Year 8000 5000
From 2nd to 6th Academic Year 5,60,000 3,50,000

Internship at atVinnitsa National Medical University:

There are two options to complete the Internship, one way is to do the internship at the university and the other way is to get back to India to complete the Internship.

Scholarship for MBBS inVinnitsa National Medical University:

Every year the academic performance of the students is taken into account and the scholarship is granted. The scholarship provided is inclusive of the tuition fee, hostel fee and travel fee.

How to get Admission at Vinnitsa National Medical University for Indian students:

The university is also known as the Medical University of National Pirogov Memorial, Vinnytsia. Nearly 5,500 students are hosted by the university. Of these, nearly 1,000 are global students.

Ensure you fit into the following eligibility criteria to grab a seat:

  • Should have qualified SSC and HSC examination.
  • 12 years of schooling should be completed
  • The Minimum required GPA for SSC or HSC is 3.5
  • The Minimum required GPA in biology is 3.5

Required Documents for Application:

  • School Graduation Certificate
  • School Marksheets
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Digital photographs

Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityApplication Form:

Application to the College can be made online through the Vinnitsa National Medical University official website.

  • The application form should be downloaded and filled out from the official website of the University.
  • On submission, the student will receive an invitation letter from the University.
  • Once the letter is received, the student can pay in the first year fee to the University.
  • They can book the flight and fly to the University.

Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityRanking:

According to the decision of SAC 1 020064 series ÑÄ – IV of 22.11.1999, the college is accredited in Ukraine, having the status of IV (largest) level greater education institution. Taking into consideration the domestic and global recognition of the outcomes of its operation, the University was granted the domestic status by the decree of the President of Ukraine L.D.Kuchma of 19 June 2002. In addition to Vinntsa National Medical University, only Kyiv National Medical University n.a. has been provided with the same national status. A.A.Bogomolets.

The University is one of the best in the Country and occupies one of the positions in the top 100 best Medical Universities. Internationally the University occupies the 5254th position.

Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityHostel Life:

The university has five hostels, four canteens, seven buffets, a sports complex, a preventive health centre and bases on the coasts of the Black Sea and the Southern Bug River. The National Medical University of Vinnitsa has its own hostel within 5-7 minutes walking distance from the campus of the University. The hostels host girls and boys who provide parents with relief about the students ‘ safety. The rooms at the hostel are fully equipped with central heating in each room. Rooms are accessible on the grounds of sharing.

University proximity makes it easy for learners to walk 200 meters from the University’s primary door. Students can find rooms on campus. All the rooms of the hostel are equipped and differ in size and amount of comforts. Dormitory rooms can accommodate two or three learners in one room at the VNMU hostel.

All rooms are fitted with beds, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heater, water heaters as well as appropriate lighting for research and relaxation. There are prevalent places for learners to play and mix. Specific accommodations are allocated upon the student’s arrival on campus and the student will be accommodated in the space allocated to him or her after a satisfactory health report. The same can also be done for students who want a single room.

Vinnytsia National Medical UniversityReviews:

“It’s actually a beautiful institute. Extremely skilled doctors and teachers are present. A lot of patients are here. There’s also a lot of scopes”, Says Sunitha from India.

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