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How to Check MCI Recognition of an Abroad Medical University?

Indian medical aspirants usually prefer to study MBBS abroad because of more practice & employment opportunities, high-standard MBBS education, international curriculum, low-cost MBBS courses, and many more. But, while planning for any abroad medical university, the Indian students must check the accreditation status of that particular medical university. MCI i.e. Medical Council of India provides validation certificates to the Abroad Medical Universities appertaining to a different set of standards. MCI Approved Abroad Medical University will always provide world-class MBBS degrees to the medical aspirants. Moreover, this MCI recognition plays a vital role in the functioning of any abroad medical university. Also, the MBBS degree from MCI  Approved Medical University is globally recognized.

Furthermore, there are many medical colleges and universities in foreign countries that are not approved by MCI (Medical Council of India). So, it’s very much necessary for the Indian students to find out whether the particular abroad medical university is MCI approved or not?

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Let’s find out how to check the MCI status of the abroad medical university:

Inspect the Location of Abroad Medical University

Inspecting the location of an abroad medical university is one of the important aspects that need to be checked before seeking MBBS abroad admissions. Now, you might behave a question in your intellect that why to check the location of a university? Well, some of the medical universities provide the wrong address on their official websites. In that instance, it is extremely important to examine the geographical location of that medical university. Also, a particular abroad medical university should have an adequate number of lab conveniences on their campuses so that they can easily acquire approval status from MCI.

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Overlook on the MBBS Syllabus of Medical University

Usually, MCI approved abroad medical universities offer an international curriculum for MBBS courses in abroad countries. There might be a little bit of variation in the syllabus but the fundamental concepts will be the same only. But, some medical universities offer expedited MBBS courses to the medical aspirant just to complete MBBS education before the prescribed time. So, it’s very much necessary for the Indian students to overlook the syllabus of the concerned medical university before seeking low-cost MBBS abroad admissions.

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Check out the Faculty & Staff Members

Typically, MCI Approved Abroad medical university provides high-standard MBBS education and comprises highly-proficient staff and faculty members. Medical Universities that are not MCI approved generally have an overview count of their faculty and they don’t have the comprehensive listings of their staff members. While applying for MBBS abroad admissions, it’s necessary to know about the faculty and staff members of that concerned medical university. Although, you can make inquiries from the staff members about their past teaching experiences along with the prescribed information about the previously taught medical courses in the previous universities.

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Indian Students Interchange Program & Financial Assistance

Generally, Unrecognized MBBS abroad medical universities will be unable to provide government-based financial assistance to the Indian medical aspirants. Always try to avoid medical universities that provide MBBS courses based on their past experiences. Moreover, there are many duplicates abroad medical universities in which you don’t need to attend the classes. But, always keep in mind, MCI approved abroad medical universities require around 75% attendance to appear for your final MBBS examinations. So, before selecting any abroad medical university, just an overview of these things.

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MCI Accreditation Number

Last but not the least, it is one of the significant aspects to find at the official website of the abroad medical university especially for MBBS programs abroad countries. MCI approved medical universities show their accreditation number along with their status at the homepage of their website only whereas this is not the case with unrecognized medical universities.

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Wrapping Up:

While planning for studying medicine abroad, the Indian medical aspirant must know about the MCI status of that concerned medical university and this is one of the common mistakes which mostly students do while applying for MBBS courses in abroad countries. Although, medical aspirants can log in to the official website of MCI (Medical Council of India) and also check out the MCI status of that medical university. But for a deeper understanding of the MCI status of abroad medical universities, feel free to contact our Overseas MBBS experts.

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