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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Nowadays, Medical aspirants especially Indian students are opting to study MBBS Abroad to a great extent because of immense career opportunities, high-standard medical education, & superior prospects considering the bright future of the medical aspirant.

But whenever a medical aspirant is applying to study MBBS abroad then he/she hopes for a bright medical career. For an exciting & bright career, there’s a need for avoiding some common mistakes which usually Indian medical aspirants do while applying for MBBS Abroad 2020. Avoiding these mistakes will not only benefit your medical career but also increases the overall personality of a medical aspirant. 

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Let’s’ discuss these common mistakes which need to be avoided while applying for MBBS Abroad 2020:

1. Overlooking the Scholarships

Whenever a student applies for MBBS abroad then he/she first tries for the scholarships. But, there’s not any MBBS Abroad consultancy who provides you scholarships based on abroad medical university. Moreover, most of the Overseas MBBS Abroad Medical Universities conduct scholarship tests for offering scholarships to the medical aspirants. So, what we advise is not to believe in such kinds of Overseas MBBS Abroad Consultancies. Moreover, prepare well for acquiring the MBBS Abroad Scholarships from the Abroad Medical Universities.

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2. Inaccurate MBBS Application Documents

For the very first time of applying MBBS abroad application forms for an abroad medical university, there might be a possibility that you submit the wrong/inaccurate documents instead of correct/accurate documents. To avoid this mistake, our Overseas MBBS Experts will be always there to assist you in a better way. Moreover, Indian medical aspirants just have to submit their original documents only. Rest procedure like submission of documents, translation of documents, documents notarized, MBBS application forms will be handled by EduPedia Overseas – Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy in Punjab & Haryana.

3. Not Confirming Work-Permit While Studying MBBS Abroad

While applying for MBBS Abroad Admissions, mostly students also plan for doing part-time or full-time jobs while studying MBBS Abroad. For working either part-time or full-time, just ensure that the selected medical university allows you to work on the university’s campus. Furthermore, before applying for any abroad medical university, try to research the same & review it as an important aspect in terms of MBBS Abroad Admissions only if you’re planning to work while studying MBBS Abroad.  

4. Acquiring the Issuance of Visa for Granted

Most of the students think that whenever they will apply for a visa then there’s always a surety that they’ll acquire it too. But, sometimes, visa applications also get rejected because of many reasons like financial issues, incomplete documentation requirements, etc. In such instances, we always advise medical aspirants to apply for their MBBS Abroad Admissions as soon as they acquire an acceptance/invitation letter from the concerned medical university. Also, medical aspirants should regularly get in touch with the particular embassy of the country they’ve applied for. 

5. Fragile Financial Planning

Fragile Financial Planning is one of the vital aspects & medical aspirants need to pay special attention to this while applying to study MBBS abroad. Also, this kind of financial planning will help you in case of any hindrance. Moreover, Good money management techniques will help you in saving your extra penny. Just keep in mind that lack of Financial Funds can result in the rejection of your study visa for MBBS in Abroad.  


Studying MBBS Abroad is one of the vital steps in a student’s medical career. Our Overseas MBBS experts will be always there to help you in the selection of the best abroad medical university for your MBBS Abroad. Furthermore, for avoiding your common mistakes while applying to study MBBS abroad, we will always be behind your back. Also, if you’re looking to study medicine abroad then you’re at the right place.

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