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Best Books You Need the Most While Studying MBBS Abroad

It is an unquestionable reality that MBBS is one of those careers in which medical students need to study a lot. Also, a medical aspirant needs to undergo a burdensome schedule for passing their medical exams. Moreover, medical students require to read a variety of various books beyond their MBBS syllabus while studying MBBS abroad. Also, abroad medical colleges/universities have their MBBS syllabus. 

Which medical books should take along to study medicine abroad? This is an ordinary question that is mostly asked by medical aspirants along with their parents whenever they’re planning to study mbbs abroad

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To help medical aspirants, here we’re presenting a list of the best books to study MBBS abroad. So, let’s scroll down & overlook these medical books which are a paradigm for MBBS abroad students.

  • Textbook of Obstetrics by DC Dutta
  • Essentials of Physiology by Sembulingam
  • ROAMS by V.D. Agrawal, Reet Agrawal
  • The Washington Manual of Therapeutics
  • Shaw’s Textbook of Gynaecology

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Textbook of Obstetrics

Authorized by DC Dutta, the Textbook of Obstetrics is the 8th edition of this highly exemplified textbook. Over 500 color images & illustrations along with a list of acronyms, up-to-date reviews & significant websites. This textbook lengths 24 chapters, integrating updated material & up-to-date developments in the region of Obstetrics. Also, this book features advanced guidelines from RCOG, ACOG, WHO, FIGO, NICHD, CDC, NICE, ICOG, and DIPSI. 

This highly in-depth Textbook of Obstetrics is structured for reference purposes along with an extended table of contents, and vital points at the end of every chapter, emphasizing necessary particulars. There’s a list of questions at the end of the book which allows the medical students to evaluate their understanding among the medical concepts & theories.

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Essentials of Physiology

Written by Sembulingam, Essentials of Physiology is quite popular among medical aspirants. This is an inclusive & approachable textbook that comprehends the fundamentals & principles of Medical Physiology. Also, it is a wholly updated textbook which comprises medical information related to the modern discovery in physiology. The information present in this book has been designed beautifully & presented in a logical and illustrated style. As per feedback from medical students, this is one of the simplest language textbooks, including higher levels of information related to physiology. And they consider this textbook comes under the “copy, concise & rewrite” category.

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ROAMS by V.D. Agrawal, Reet Agrawal

Authorized by V. D. Agarwal and Reetu Agarwal, ROAMS (Review of All Medical Subjects) is considered as one of the most important books for medical aspirants. In this book, medical students can acquire detailed information about medicine, human health, human anatomy, and physiology. It is the 15th edition of this book in which the presentation as well as layout is up-to-date. Even, a new chapter on infections has been added into this book along with up-to-date concepts & topics. Moreover, one will find out more than 350 new diagrams, flowcharts, images, and tables in this medical book.

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The Washington Manual of Therapeutics

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics is the 33rd edition, comes with even greater of up-to-date particulars which medical aspirants need the most. All of the current information is written in a quick-allusion style. This book is one of the favorite books among medical students because of its assignability, integrality, and easier access. New colors have been included in this book along with some modern decision-making algorithms for superior navigation of the medical students. On the whole, an improved matrix & and bulleted format has been added to simplify a faster answer.

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Shaw’s Textbook of Gynaecology

One of the most-selling books among medical students, Shaw’s Textbook of Gynaecology provides a broadly revised and advanced to integrate the modern updates and evolution of most recent concepts. This medical book offers medical aspirants with a logical order of events that help in learning new concepts related to Gynaecology. In this book, one will find out an organized demonstration to make reading simple and easy by removing superfluous information, including the latest tests along with figures & tables. Furthermore, this book provides up-to-date approaches and paradigm techniques to medical students.

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Summarizing the Above:

These medical books are going to be an extraordinary addition to your MBBS syllabus. Moreover, these medical books will help you in your difficult times while studying MBBS abroad. Such books will also help you in scoring high marks during your medical exams in foreign countries. 

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Also, Dr. Aman (Managing Director & Advertising Account Director of Edu Pedia Overseas – Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy) shares her medical books which are useful as a medical aspirant and later as a medical specialist in the daily professional life!

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