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Winter Intake in Ukraine for M.B.B.S. in 2019

Did you miss applying for the September intake?

Luckily you can now apply for January/ February 2019!

After all, this is still your chance to save a year!

There might be multiple reasons why you didn´t apply for M.B.B.S. in Ukraine during the summer intake 2018.

Some of you took too long deciding if studying abroad was actually a good option. Others of you couldn´t get a bank loan on time. There are also students out there who didn’t consider studying M.B.B.S. abroad at all, but now that they have seen their friends studying medicine in Ukraine, they started regretting their choice.

Whatever reason you had not to apply on time, it doesn’t matter anymore. What really counts is, that you grab your chance now and don´t waste another year to enrol. And who knows if you would actually get an M.B.B.S. seat in India anyway, after all the waiting and the struggle?

Today you can still be the person who got the M.B.B.S. admission in Ukraine at an affordable cost with a quality education.

What is the January intake?

Many universities around the world offer two intake periods within 12 months. The Autumn semester starts in September/ October the other one starts in January/ February. Most international students join the Autumn semester as they freshly graduated from school.

Nonetheless joining the M.B.B.S. program in Ukraine during the January/ February intake has also benefits.

As there are lesser applicants your admission application will be processed faster and your invitation letter may arrive quicker. The visa process will go smoothly without long waiting periods as the rush in the respective embassy decreases after the Autumn intake.

Your study groups for M.B.B.S. in Ukraine during the January/ February intake are more likely to be smaller hence a privilege to study.

Where to apply?

As there are only a few medical universities in Ukraine which offer an intake in January/ February you should consult us.

Together we will evaluate which university would be the right choice for you.

When to apply?

The faster the better! Do n0t leave it until last minute.

Studying at a decent university takes preparation. We will be taking care of multiple formalities in order to get you started!

The language of instruction?

The language of instruction is English for the entire course!



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