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The National University of Uzhhorod was established on 18 October 1945 by a joint resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Ukrainian SSR and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Ukrainian SSR. The National University of Uzhhorod is one of Ukraine’s leading universities. In the field of medical education worldwide, it has a wealthy history of more than six centuries. It starts in 1945 and there has been no looking back since then.

Located in Carpathian, one of Ukraine’s most lovely and picturesque locations, the university is a place where nature has given an abundance of beauty. Today’s university comprises of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational and Scientific Institute, College of Natural Sciences and Humanities and 20 faculties covering the following fields: history, philology, law, social sciences, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, medicine, stomatology, engineering, geography, physical education and sport, foreign languages, computer systems.

The college has more than 13,000 learners registered. The university also houses several science institutes and laboratories, including the Institute for Solid State Physics and Chemistry, the Carpathian Studies Institute, the Physical Electronics Research Laboratory with the Space Exploration Laboratory, the Hungarian Studies Center and the Ecosystem Research Laboratory. The college runs a biological study station on the side of the mountains and a botanical garden. Its collection of libraries has about 1,5 million volumes


More than 1.7 million papers are included in the overall library collection. Research Library offers the University’s science and educational procedures that serve over 15,000 customers. Delivery of books is about 1 million papers throughout the year. Library book exchange with 35 national libraries and global book exchange with 5 foreign libraries, Academy of Sciences library and Science Museum library.


Uzhhorod National University is one of Ukraine’s most accredited classic colleges. Its strategic goal is to achieve a research university’s status. Active collaboration with European academic organizations was launched in the 2014-2020 era under the new Erasmus+ Program. The interinstitutional contracts have been concluded with partner universities, including several other major European universities. These contracts allow more than 50 learners and lecturers to study and teach overseas.

Uzhhorod National University Recognition – MCI Status:

Uzhhorod National University maintains accreditation at the 4th level and its classes and curriculum are in line with European education standards. Global organisations such as WHO, UNESCO and other medical agencies have acknowledged their academic qualifications, making it one of the most sought-after medical colleges among learners. The Medical Council of India approves and recognizes the university internationally.

Uzhhorod National UniversityFee Structure:

1st Academic Year 6500 $ 4,60,000 Rupees
2nd to 6th Academic Year 4800 $ 4,00,000 Rupees

Other fees include resident license, medical and health insurance fees, and textbook fees. Uzhhorod National University’s above-mentioned fee structure includes the hostel and the cost of living, so you don’t have to pay for it.

Internship at Uzhhorod National University:

Practice at the university is not compulsory. Students can return to India to do an internship. However, most learners prefer to continue the internship at Uzhhorod National University owing to the high-quality facilities, laboratories and huge patient flow.

Scholarship for MBBS in Uzhhorod National University:

The University’s scholarship program is basically a relief for those aspirants who want to study for their MBBS course at UzhNU.The scholarship scheme’s aim is to assist the financially weaker aspirants by providing them with some monetary relief to make their dreams come true. Since we understand that Uzhhorod National University is the medical organization of the state, the state provides several types of scholarships to both indigenous and foreign aspirants.

How to get Admission at Uzhhorod National University for Indian students:

Every year, Uzhhorod National University is readily accessed by many Indian learners. Admission is a straightforward method, learners must apply and wait for permission. The learners can travel to the university to begin the courses once the approval is obtained from the university.

Uzhhorod National UniversityAdmission:

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria for Indian students to get a seat in the Uzhhorod National University is as follows:

  • Should secure 50% score in physics, chemistry and Biology
  • Should have completed 17 years of age.
  • A Valid passport
  • Minimum of 70% for CBSE students.

Uzhhorod National UniversityApplication Form:

Application to the University can be done online through Uzhhorod National University Website. The following steps can be followed to seek admission.

  1. Registration

The following documents along with the application form needs to be sent to the University

  • 10th and 12th Mark sheets.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Migration certificate from the Medical Council of India.
  • Copy of the Passport.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • NEET qualification score sheet.
  1. Admission acceptance letter.

Once the documents have been sent to the University, it might take about 45 days for the University to send an admission acceptance letter. On receiving the letter, the student is confirmed of a seat.

  1. The fee to the University:

The first year fee should be deposited to the University’s account immediately after receiving the letter from the University.

  1. Fly to the University:

Once the payment is done, the student can apply for a visa. On receiving the Visa, the student can fly to the University to start the class.

Kindly find the link below to the official website of the University:


Uzhhorod National UniversityRanking:

Nationally the University is placed in the1101th position. Worldwide the University is placed at 3515th position.

Uzhhorod National UniversityHostel Life:

The essential demands of all MBBS aspirants are to have access to all the fundamental equipment by the medical aspirants. That’s why all aspirants look forward to accessing all of these facilities so they don’t face any kind of difficulty. This aspect is taken care of by the administration of the Uzhhorod National University, which offers all types of fundamental equipment.

  • For the learners of boys and girls, separate and larger hostels.
  • Library fitted for the purpose of exploration with Internet equipment.
  • Canteen and other campus refreshment equipment.
  • Students ‘ medical facilities 24/7.
  • Gym and equipment for the learners at the sports club.
  • For the playful atmosphere, playground facilities.
  • Banking facilities at the university campus.

Uzhhorod National UniversityReviews:

“Environment and people Friendly campus and surroundings. Great learning experience. Have never felt homesick since been here”, says Ishwarya second-year student from India.

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