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Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy as an English-language Poltava State Medical and Dental Academy is a tertiary education institution established in 1921 in Poltava, Ukraine. It is composed of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of Poltava State (UMSA). The university provides English Medicine (MB / BS), Dental and Nursing classes.UMSA was established in Ukraine in 1921 by the Kharkiv Medical Academy’s Odontological Faculty as Poltava State Medical and Dental University. The academy shifted to Poltava in 1967 and received its present name.

In 1994, due to its low surgical mortality rate, it was given the sixth-largest level of accreditation in Ukraine, as well as the status of a Poltava State Medical University (PSMU). PSMU achieved a confirmed level IV accreditation as early as 2004.

Campus Life:

The academy occupies seventeen houses, including five academic houses, four dormitories, family enclosures, vivarium, hangars, library, reading facilities, sports complex, dining room, cafe, and fitness and sports camp. Including global learners, the student population is over 3,500.

PSMU (Stomatological & Medical University of Poltava) has six faculties and a global student preparatory department.PSMU performs medical, pediatric, oral, maxillofacial, pharmacy, and medical nursing classes ranging from two to six years. Students vary from the level of graduation to the level of masters. Clinical and consulting research is performed on 35 clinical chairs situated in regional and urban medical organizations. Research is also being carried out.

Course Provided:

PSMU experts are educated for the following specialities with junior experts, experts and Masters level.

  • (Mbbs / MD) medicine (6 years).
  • Paediatrics (six years)
  • Stomatology (surgical procedure) (5 years)
  • Pharmacy (5 years)
  • Medical Nursing (2–3 years)
  • Orthopaedic Stomatology (2 years)

PSMU has more than 3,500 learners enrolled annually, including 729 global learners from 39 countries. The faculties are Faculties of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy and Stomatology (Dentistry), Preparatory (International Student Training), Postgraduate and Department of Preparatory Training. A medical college centred on the PSMU has been established to provide training for bachelors and junior experts. The PUMSA, including nine leading chairs, has fifty-six chairs.

Thirty-five PSMU clinical chairs, situated in Poltava’s finest regional and town medical facilities, perform the clinical and consulting job. Its science potential includes eighty-two medical science doctors, 316 science candidates, seventy-five teachers, 174 assistant teachers, two Ukrainian State Prize winners, eight honourable Ukrainian science and technology employees and six honourable Ukrainian physicians.

University – Recognition:

The academy was granted medals and diplomas in gold, silver, and bronze for these achievements. The academy won the “Innovation in the Learning Process” competition at the Third International Exhibition and Presentation, “Innovative Learning Technology.”For its innovative teaching, the academy has been named “Leader of Modern Education.”

While a member of the Ukrainian initiative “Best Medical Education Institutions in Ukraine-Medical Olympus,” the academy received a diploma from Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science for its important contribution to medical education growth.

Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy – MCI status:

Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO), International Medical Education Directory (IMED), United States Department of Education and the General Council of Medicine of Great Britain completely recognize the MBBS, MS, MD, BDS degrees of Poltava university.

Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy cost of studying and MBBS fee Structure:

1st year: USD 6000 (including hostel, insurance and immigration).

2-6th year: USD 5000.

Internship Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy:

University internship is not mandatory. Students can come back and do an internship in India. However, due to the high-quality infrastructure and laboratory, most students prefer to continue the internship at Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy.

Scholarship for MBBS in Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy:

The University awards scholarships to excellent advertising learners with economic assistance. Students can apply for direct use of the resources on the University’s official website.

How to get Admission at Poltava Ukrainian Medical &the Stomatological Academy for Indian students:

Many Indian students are admitted to this University every year. More than 50 learners at the University are currently studying MBBS. The atmosphere and climate can also be managed by Indian learners. The duration of the medicine course is six years, divided into two years of basic science, and the remaining years of preclinical and clinical work.

Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy Admission:

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for Indian students to get through in the Altai Medical academy is

  • Minimum 85% in State board 10+2 level
  • Minimum 70% in CBSE/ ICSE levels
  • Early bird application to the University

Steps to get a seat in the University:

Step 1: To apply online through the official portal.

Step 2: To get the confirmation letter from the University.

Step 3: To pay the first year fee to the University after receiving the Invitation letter.

Step 4: Visa application at the Embassy of Ukraine.

Step 5: Fly to Russia for the commencement of Classes.

Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy Application Form:

Application to the University can be done online through Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy Official Website. All that needs to be done is to log in and apply directly on the website.

The documents needed are:

  • Filled in Application form (Downloaded from the official site)
  • 10th, 11th and 12th Marks sheets
  • Passport copy
  • Aadhaar copy (If needed)
  • Letter of Recommendation from School Principal / HOD / Teacher
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Guardian letter
  • Personal statement

Kindly find the link below to apply:


Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological Academy – Rank:

The HSEIU “UMSA” is ranked forty-first according to the “Top 200 Ukraine,” a ranking of higher education organizations in Ukraine.

Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological AcademyHostel Life:

There are three hostels in the centre of the University at Altai State Medical University. For foreign students, there is also a separate Foreign Student Hostel. The hostel has a separate floor for girls.

These three hostels have access to a kitchen, washrooms, and hot and cold water bathrooms. Because these hostels are located in the middle of the city, the most important destinations are easily accessible by all public transport routes. There are different playing grounds, students and teachers reading halls. During the winters, the hostel is fully central heated.

Poltava Ukrainian Medical & Stomatological AcademyReviews:

“One of the best University, to make your dreams come true. The best environment to learn and explore. Affordable and Manageable fee structure which is highly important for today’s scenario”, Says Nandhini Final year student from India.

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