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Things you will as a new medical student!

Are you excited to join the medical university? I was so excited!

1. A notebook to make notes! You can buy it in Ukraine, cheap &good
2. One pen, pencil, eraser, ruler etc!You can buy everything here, cheap &good
3. Lab coat and cap- bought if for 15$ in Ukraine
4. Anatomy book of your choice from home
5. Laptop is very useful for electronic books, creating presentations, listen to lectures online….and you know, watch MOVIES!

For your second year:

1. Stethoscope: My Littmann is just perfect
2. Reflex hammer for examination
3. Pocket torch for examination
4. Hand sanitizer before and after the examination of the patient
5. Memory stick to take lectures and notes from your professors
6. Scrubs for your surgery classes (green or blue)
7. Slippers which you can wash (some students brought their house shoes, seriously?)
8. Ziploc bags to put your formaldehyde-smelling clothes away (anatomy class and forensic class)

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