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Things you should know before renting a flat as a student

Are you tired of living in the hostel? Do you want to live with your friends away from the campus?
What things should you consider before moving out?

1. Location
Select your location wisely in term of public transportation.
The nicest and cheapest flat won´t do any good if you don´t make it to your classes on time.

2. Agency
Chose a known and well reputed real estate company to prevent fraud.

3. Contract
Make sure you actually read the contract and agree with all the points. Ensure that the landlord can´t kick you out of the flat at any desired time.

4. Water, Gas, Electricity
Depending on the country where you reside you need to discuss who is going to pay the bills, when and where.

5. Damage
Before signing the contract, check the apartment for damaged furniture, broken tiles, fungus growing on the walls, leaking pipes etc. as you will be responsible for those things if not mentioned beforehand.

6. Deposit
Some owners take a deposit from you which will be returned when you move out. Insist on a written confirmation.

7. Visits
Discuss with your landlord, how many times a year he/ she would visit to check the apartment and see if everything goes well.
Some landlords hold a view that they could show up anytime and open the flat with the spare key.

8. Pets
If you want to keep a pet in the apartment, the owner must agree. You need to ask before moving in. As the answer could be no!

9. Walls
Some owners are very strict when it comes to drilling and putting nails into the walls. Hanging pictures, shelves would be a challenge. Therefore ask prior moving in.

10. Noise
Some countries have certain rules regarding the noise level and the timings. For example, people are not allowed to play loud music after 22 p.m.! Some countries have regulations to use the vacuum cleaners only between a certain time. Drilling can be prohibited on certain days and specific hours.

Good luck moving into your own flat. Enjoy it.

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