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New Zealand, a lovely island known for intriguing surroundings, landscapes, cultural heritage, biodiversity, and cricket! In addition to these, New Zealand has also grown as a powerful nation with top-quality education over a few years. Similar to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, New Zealand has become one of the foreign study locations that global learners prefer.

Being a nation with wealthy biodiversity, many learners prefer to study in New Zealand higher education that offers diverse areas of research. Eventually, New Zealand also counts on learners who prefer to study medical programs overseas.

Why New Zealand:

New Zealand’s island country is renowned worldwide for peace and tranquillity. The country’s education system is so powerful that studying MBBS is the perfect location for Indian learners. With its outstanding curriculum, state-of-the-art technology and premium quality infrastructure, New Zealand is one of the world’s top universities.

Study in New Zealand would be a benchmark for Indian students. In New Zealand, living standards are extremely high. New Zealand provides a flexible scheme of education. The universities of medicine have a high rank in the globe and are globally appreciated. The degree provided by MBBS universities in New Zealand is internationally acknowledged and adopted in India. A range of accommodation and food choices are accessible at reasonable rates.

New Zealand is a nation with excellent biodiversity, making it convenient for learners from abroad to fit in. And the natural beauty encircled by blue water and the nearly ideal climate makes it an apparent choice of location. Students open to medical schooling overseas will all count New Zealand as one of the top choices.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in New Zealand:

Although in New Zealand there are two colleges offering medical science classes or the MBChB, MCI recognizes only one of them. Auckland University has 2 medical schools under it, but they are not approved for MCI. There are also 2 medical schools under it at the University of Otago and these are approved by MCI. Both of these schools fall under various Otago Medical School campuses.

Opportunities after MBBS from New Zealand:

Since the MBBS or MBChB is applicable in India, all you need to do is get a permit to practice in India after finishing the studies. Then you have two alternatives in front of you. You can either become a medical officer of the government or pursue further research.


MBBS is a six-year course in New Zealand. The first year is a pre-medical course, then the next two years are pre-clinical theory course and the remaining three years are clinical years. The college performs an exit examination at the end of year 5, which determines whether or not you can proceed to the sixth year. The student’s last year has to get to work at a hospital as a trainee.

Requirements for a seat in New Zealand:

International candidates must fulfil the appropriate qualifications to apply for the course, including Indian learners.

  • The first year is a program of premedical preparing intended for local learners, which also calls for comparable qualifications from global learners. It is compulsory to have a bachelor’s degree in science, such as health science, bioscience, etc.
  • Before applying for MBBS, UMAT qualification is compulsory. – Admission test for health sciences. Every year before the end of June, students should apply for this exam. The real test is carried out during July’s month.
  • Another compulsory requirement for medicine study eligibility is English skills. The score IELTS or TOEFL should be at least 7.0
  • However, if you have finished any New Zealand undergraduate or master’s degree, you do not need to qualify for IELTS.

Required Documents:

  • Duly filled out the admission application form.
  • A passport copy.
  • A copy of the certificate of birth.
  • Previous mark sheets such as 10, 11 and 12 grades.
  • A certificate leaving the 12th college.
  • IELTS or TOEFL score sheet.

Advantages of Pursuing MBBS in New Zealand:

  • Model of research-based education, providing a high-quality teaching experience.
  • Facilitated entry.
  • There is not much competition to get to college.
  • A variety of accessible food choices.
  • Driving on the highway on the left hand.

Disadvantages of Pursuing MBBS in New Zealand:

  • Costly travelling to India.
  • Education and living are expensive.
  • Exactly the reverse scenario of the environment.

University of Auckland:

MBChB is a six-year program of medicine provided by Auckland University, New Zealand. The course is categorized into two categories after completing a one-year premedical course.

  • 2 Years of preclinical theory.
  • In addition to clinical attachments, three clinical years.

The university includes most of the clinical sections such as general medicine, emergency medicine, general surgery, psychiatry, general practice, etc. Students also have the chance to complete a four-week elective course on any particular topic provided in the fifth year and an additional eight-week elective course in the sixth year.

University of Otago:

The University of Otago is listed and acknowledged by the world’s prestigious medical university, Otago Medical School.MBBS is similarly intended, provided by Aukland University.MBChB is a six-year medicine program where students of high school are expected to finish one year of pre-medicine.

  • 2-year course in preclinical theory in Dunedin Medicine School, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • In addition to clinical attachments, three clinical years.

After the two-year courses have been completed, the last three-year course is uniformly split into three sections. Students in Dunedin, Christchurch or Wellington is studying the clinical years. These three places are offered clinical attachments from the university. General medicine, psychological medicine, general exercise, government, health, paediatrics, etc. are the main specialities of the course. Students have an opportunity to take an elective topic during the sixth year of research, which comes as a 12-week survey.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS at New Zealand:

NZ’s currency is greater than in India as a developed country. The exchange rate will continue to change, of course, but there is always an estimated distinction of around ‘ 45. The first year’s price is significantly smaller than the remaining five years.

  • Auckland University –14 lakhs for the first year and 33 lakhs for the next five years.
  • Otago University – for the first year 14 lakhs and for the next 5 years 32 lakhs.

There is no wonder that learners from other nations in India are opting for MBBS research in New Zealand. The degree is internationally endorsed for learners studying in New Zealand universities with a worldwide reputation. New Zealand also offers excellent career possibilities and brightwork prospects in relation to high-quality education.

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