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Nepal is a South Asian country that is located mainly in the mountains and is having its borders attached to China and India. The country is comprised of a population of around 27 million and is having the world’s 93rd largest land area.

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The country is having a very diverse geography which is comprised of the plants and the mountains. Kathmandu is the capital of the country and is also the largest city of the country which is well developed.

If we talk about the infrastructure of the country then it’s the developing country and is developing in the context of many things. For example, the education sector of the country is going ahead as there are many Universities that are being open in Nepal.

This is probably the reason why the MBBS courses in Nepal is being a very hot subject not which is widely searched on the Internet.

Today in this article we are also going to discuss the same topic of studying the MBBS from Nepal which would help all the aspirants who are looking forward to studying it from this country.

MBBS in Nepal for Indian Medical Students

MBBS in Nepal in recent times is being a very hot destination for Indian students due to many reasons. The one major reason behind it is the intense competition in the medical domain of India, as the country is having the limited seats of MBBS while the numbers of the aspirants are very high. 

In such a scenario the MBBS in Nepal for Indian students is a very decent option since Nepal is just located beside India and the aspirants can even move there without having any visa.

Further, the Indian MBBS aspirants can find the number of medical institutions, which are approved by the MCI. It further makes the preference of choosing MBBS from Nepal more justified for the Indian aspirants.

Why Choose Nepal for MBBS/Medical Studies

As we have already discussed that MBBS in Nepal for Indian students 2019 is one of the best options, that they can opt-in case they are willing to go overseas for their MBBS program.

There are many aspirants who have been asking us about the specific benefits that they will get by studying the MBBS in Nepal.

Here in this section, we are listing down the points of benefits for such aspirants. 

  • MBBS in Nepal has a lower fee structure in the comparison of the other countries including India.
  • There are many medical colleges and Universities in Nepal which are approved by the MCI thus the aspirants will get the full value of their MBBS degree.
  • The cost of living in Nepal is very cheap and the culture, climate of the country is also similar to the other Asian countries.
  • There is no TOEFL or the IELTS compulsory exam for the aspirants in order to study in Nepal.
  • The standard of education and the admission procedure is also very easy.


Advantages of MBBS in Nepal | Benefits of Medical Study in Nepal

Well, if you are willing to study medicine in Nepal then certainly you will get many advantages of studying it from there. It includes many positive aspects and here below we are providing you with some major points of them. 

  • MBBS in Nepal can be afforded even by such students who can’t afford it from India.
  • The culture of India and Nepal is very similar to the same kind of living standards.
  • There is no donation required in order to get admission into the medical colleges of Nepal.
  • Aspirants can get their admission into the colleges which are approved by the Medical Council of India.
  • The medium of study in Nepal is English which is convenient for all the aspirants around the world.

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Nepal

Just like any other medical college the Nepal medical college admission also requires the eligibility criteria, which is to be satisfied by all the aspirants who are willing to study here. In this section, you can find the eligibility criteria of studying MBBS in Nepal. 

  • The minimum age of the aspirants should be 17 years while there is no maximum age limit in this context.
  • The minimum qualification of the candidate should be 10+2 from any recognized University or college of India.
  • The minimum passing percentage in the 10+2 for the candidate is 50% marks.
  • Candidates must also have qualified the NEET exam.
  • There should be a valid passport and the Visa with the candidate along with the MCI approval certificate.

Best Medical Universities in Nepal to Study MBBS/Medicine

In the current scenario finding the best medical University in Nepal is quite easy, as there are plenty of options that you can consider in this regard. Here below are the top Medical Universities of Nepal for your consideration.

  • National Medical College 
  • Kathmandu University
  • Tribhuvan University 
  • Nepal Ganj Medical College 
  • Lumbini Medical College 
  • Gandaki Medical College 
  • Nobel Medical College
  • KIST Medical College
  • National Medical College 
  • Nepal Ganj Medical College 

So, these are some of the best medical Universities and the colleges of Nepal from where you can study MBBS.

How to Take Admission in Nepal MBBS College/Universities for Indian Students

Well, if you have finally made up your mind clear to study MBBS in Nepal 2019 then you must be going ahead to take your admission there.  Here below are some simple steps which you have to follow in order to get admission there.

  • Well first of all the Indian aspirant must register themselves for the entrance examination of the University after reading the eligibility criteria.
  • Now in order to travel to Nepal, the Indian candidates don’t need to have Visa but they surely need a valid passport.
  • Now once you qualify the entrance examination and satisfy the other eligibility criteria then you would be shortlisted for the admission.
  • Upon the payment of fee and the document verification, you would be allowed admission there.

Requirements for MBBS in Nepal 2019-20

There are many MCI recognized medical colleges and Universities in Nepal. You would be required to satisfy the requirements of the University in order to get your admission there. Here are some of the major requirements that you will be required to meet out. 

  • Academic records of the class 10th and 12th of the candidates with the real documents.
  • Birth certificate is also required to authenticate the age.
  • Adhar card of the candidates for the proper legitimate identity verification 
    Passport of the Candidate 
  • NEET exam qualifications record.

Fee Structure of Nepal Medical Universities for MBBS 2019-20

The cost of MBBS in Nepal for Indian students and also with the other foreign aspirants is something that should be kept clearly in the consideration of the students so that they can plan their admission accordingly. Hers is the fee structure for the majority of Universities/colleges of Nepal below.


Colleges Name Wise Fee Structure

There are many medical colleges in Nepal where you can study the MBBS courses without any fear. The fee structure is something that you should be clear about before you seek your admission to any of those medical colleges. Here below we are providing you the fee structure for some prominent medical colleges of Nepal.


MBBS Study in Nepal Financial Advice for Parents

When any medical aspirant plans to study the MBBS from any abroad country then the financial burden of the study has to be born by the parents of the aspirant. This is the reason why the financial aspect should be considered by the parents well before granting the MBBS admission to their kids in Nepal.

We have above provided you the fee structure of the various medical college of Nepal which you can consider. The majority of the MBBS colleges in Nepal are having a very reasonable fee structure, which is far lower than the MBBS fee in India thus if the parents can afford the MBBS fee for their kids in India then Nepal’s fee structure is even cheaper.

Further, the aspirants may also have the scholarship opportunities from the many colleges of Nepal, which would make the fee even more affordable for the parents.

Apply Now for MBBS Study in Nepal

So, finally, if you are clear with your wish of studying MBBS from Nepal then you shouldn’t be delayed further. The MBBS studies session for the Nepal MBBS colleges 2019- 20 has already begun thus you must make your application for admission into the desired medical college. 

You would be required to qualify the entrance examination of the concerned medical college, and then the aspirants, who qualify the exam will be entitled to their admission into the college. We urge all the aspirants to keep their passport ready to fly to Nepal to study MBBS.

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