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Bangladesh is a South Asian country which is attached to the borders of India and Myanmar. The country has the recognition of the world’s 8th most populated country which is far in the comparison of its land ratio.

Bangladesh is having significant numbers of the rivers and the bay of Bengal is the widely recognised recognition of this country. Bangladesh is basically a developing nation which is growing with some significant pace of growth and is competing with its neighbouring countries in the context of many aspects.

The country is having a decent infrastructure of the educational sector and is continually growing in the domain of education. You can study almost all kinds of professional education in the country including medical education.

Bangladesh is having the numbers of medical education which offer many bachelors and master courses such as MBBS, BDS, Dentistry, Nursing, etc. At very affordable prices and with the decent standard of education.

Today in this article we are basically going to discuss the MBBS in Bangladesh which is becoming a very popular searched topic on Google. We would cover all the possible aspects of studying MBBS from Bangladesh so that you can have enough information in your hand to plan MBBS from this country.

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Medical Students

MBBS admission in Bangladesh is particularly received from the Asian countries aspirants such as from India, China Philippines, Pakistan, etc. If we talk about the Indian MBBS aspirants then they choose MBBS from Bangladesh due to the ease of admission in the country, since having the MBBS seat in India is quite like a dream came true due to fierce competition in this domain.

Getting the MBBS admission in Bangladesh is particularly easy for the Indian MBBS aspirants. MBBS from Bangladesh is further possible to pursue at the cheap prices as the coaching is available at affordable prices, and even the fee of the medical institution is quite low in the comparison of India.

Why Choose Bangladesh for MBBS/Medical Studies

Choosing the MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students 2019 is quite a justified task due to many reasons. Here we are listing some major reasons to prove that why studying MBBS in Bangladesh is the right option for the Indian and other MBBS aspirants.

  • There is a decent number of the medical institutions in Bangladesh which are approved by the MCI to choose by the Indian aspirants.
  • The fee structure of MBBS in Bangladesh is quite lower in the comparison of India.
  • Candidates can seek direct admission in Bangladesh Medical colleges without any entrance exam, however, the NEET qualifications are still mandatory.
  • There is no donation provision to be received from the aspirants in the course of taking admission.
  • There is no coaching fee for the candidates who belong to the SAARC nation and such candidates are required to pay only the medical college fee.

Advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS course in Bangladesh is becoming a choice for the plenty of the MBBS aspirants day by day due to many favorable factors. No matter which country you may belong to you always have the option of getting MBBS admission in Bangladesh.

Here are some major advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh for your consideration.

  • The medium of MBBS studies in Bangladesh is English and there is no language exam conducted by the University.
  • The culture and the surrounding are same in Bangladesh just like any other Asian country including India.
  • The climate of Bangladesh is also similar to India.
  • The cost of living in Bangladesh is cheap than India and many other developed countries of the Asian continent.
  • The traveling and the other associated costs are very low in Bangladesh.
  • Candidates can take the admission in Bangladesh Medical colleges without paying any donation fee.

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh eligibility is the next aspect which should be discussed in this section. The eligibility criteria of the Bangladesh medical college must be kept into consideration by all the aspirants who are looking forward to having admission into the University.

Here below is the eligibility criteria which should be read by every aspirant.

  • The candidates must have qualified the 10+2 exam from the recognized University or the college.
  • Candidates must have studied the physics, chemistry, and mathematics as the compulsory subjects of studies in the 10+2 exam.
  • The minimum age of the candidates should be 17 years while there is no maximum age limitation.
  • Candidates must be having a valid visa and passport with them.
  • The minimum passing marks in the 10+2 exam of the candidates should be 60% in PCB.
  • Minimum aggregate GPA in HSC should be 8 while the individual aggregate shouldn’t be less than 3.5

Best Medical Universities in Bangladesh to Study MBBS/Medicine

Well, if you are a non-native Bangladesh then you can find many Medical Universities in Bangladesh for international students. You can consider all of those Universities/colleges and then can take admission into the one which satisfies your preference.

Here below we are listing down some names of the major medical Universities of Bangladesh for your consideration.

  • Enam Medical College
  • Delta Medical College
  • Bangladesh Medical College
  • Jahurul Medical College
  • Ad Din women’s Medical College
  • Green Life Medical College
  • Southern Medical College
  • Central Medical College
  • Universal Medical College

How to Take Admission in Bangladesh Medical College/Universities for Indian Students

Bangladesh medical college admission is the next step which is sought by all the aspirants, who are looking forward to taking their admission into the Universities/medical colleges of Bangladesh.

If you are confused in figuring out as to how you should be approaching the University for your admission then you are at the correct section of the article.

Here below is our simple step by step guide to help you in that context.

  • First of all the candidates should read and meet out the MBBS medical Universities eligibility criteria which we have mentioned in the above section of the article.
  • After meeting out the criteria the candidates may fill their application form and attach all the required documents into it.
  • The application should be sent through the Bangladesh mission abroad and then the shortlisted candidates would be invited to fulfill the further eligibility criteria.
  • Candidates would also be required to pay their tuition fee before they start their regular studies.

Requirements for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for 2019-20

There is a particular requirement of MBBS in Bangladesh for Indians and the other students, which must be met out by the candidates in order to get their admission.

Here below are the major requirements of admission in Bangladesh Medical Universities.

  • Candidates must be having a valid visa and passport as both are required to study in Bangladesh.
  • Candidates must be of the minimum required age in order to get admission there.
  • The minimum education criteria should be met out by the interested candidates.
  • NEET exam is mandatory to be qualified for the Indian medical aspirants before they seek their admission there.

Fee Structure of Bangladesh Medical Universities for MBBS 2019-2020

Bangladesh medical college fee is something which should be known by all the medical aspirants. The fee structure will help the aspirants in making their funds available so that the admission can be finalized.

Here below we are listing down the fee structure for the major medical colleges/Universities of Bangladesh

















MBBS Study in Bangladesh: Financial Advise for Parents

You can find the plenty of the MCI recognized medical institution in Bangladesh but still, the affordability of fee is the criteria. If we compare the MBBS fee in Bangladesh with the fee in India then MBBS in Bangladesh is far cheaper than India. This is probably one of the reasons why Indian parents allow their kids to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

There are many medical colleges which offer the MBBS at very reasonable prices and you can choose the one among them which may be suitable for your budget. If you are someone who comes from the financially weaker background, then we would urge to choose one such medical college which can offer the scholarship facilities as well to the students.

Having the scholarship facility will make your job more easy to afford the fee or you can also apply for the education loan which is available at a very affordable rate of interest now.

Apply Now for Study MBBS in Bangladesh

The new study session 2019 has already begun and by the end of this year, the admission in the Bangladesh medical colleges would be finalized. If you are an Indian aspirant then we would suggest you appear in the NEET exam and after qualifying the NEET you can apply for your MBBS admission in Bangladesh.

We urge all the aspirants to keep their eyes from the news& notifications from the Bangladesh Medical Universities so that you can satisfy all the criteria at the time. Keep all the required documents ready at the time of making your application.

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