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How to save money as a medical student?

Yep, it is this topic how to save money as a medical student. Spending money wisely will make you a responsible person and will maily disburden your parents!
In some countries, it is not possible to have a side job as a medical student but there are ways you could make changes in your life to save up.

1. Limit eating out
The cost when eating out in restaurants or fast food chains is higher than cooking at home. Restrict dining out to special occasions only. You know that already but do it!

2. Quit the gym
Many of you joined the gym but are not working out. It adds up to your monthly costs. Instead, train at home with the help of youtube videos, go for a run outside or simply do yoga.

3. Smart mobile package
Find out if you are using the cheapest mobile package. Do you need the 4G? Maybe 3G can do for some months? Sometimes other providers offer better deals.

4. No groceries on an empty stomach
If you go shopping for your groceries shopping on an empty stomach you will end up buying much more than you actually wanted. Eat some snack before you leave and a shopping list helps to cut the costs too.

5. Second-hand books
You need many books as a medical student. It will be smart to purchase second-hand books from your seniors or from the internet to lower your expenses.

6. Decrease electricity expenses
You may decrease your electricity bill by switching off the lights which you don´t need and unplugging cables from devices which are not in use.

7. Get a roomy
Shared accommodation is much cheaper than staying all alone.
Consider a roomy in order to bring down the costs.

8. Limit your shopping
At times it can be very tempting to buy a new pair of shoes or a new winter jacket. Ask yourself, if this item is really needed or could it be just an impulse telling you to buy it?

9. Sell what you don´t need
You might have books, electronics, mobiles, clothes and many other items which you don´t need anymore. You may sell those items and fill your empty pockets.

10. Hide the money
If you receive a fixed amount of money each month, consider putting away 20 or 30 $ every time. Hide it from yourself. You will be surprised how the amount is adding up and you will be able to save something.

Enjoy cutting down your expenses.

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