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Canada’s one of the aged institutions, Queen’s medical school has a notable impact on Canada’s lofty education, originated in 1841, bestowing the faculties of assorted departments: Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Policy Studies & many more.

About Queen’s School of Medicine

Queen’s School of Medicine, known as a component of Faculty of Health Sciences tender education in Medicine to both undergraduate and graduate, well-known for its exploration & analysis. This institute also proposes a chance for their future candidates to visit their campus as well and can explore all the information among the Medicine faculty, as the availability of many Tours & Open Houses as well for their eventual students.

The medical school proffers 2.2 million books & 400,000 digital measures, i.e. eBook, Digital Journals among its six libraries, particularized in proposing 125 graduate & undergraduate courses. This university has around 99 acres of land, covering around a total of 28,272 students on its campus.

The Medical School is prominent for its Business, Research, Doctoral & Engineering Education, empower to their students after completing their medical education to stay in Canada by extending their visa time period after getting placed into a well-known community.

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Some extensive courses of Queen’s School of Medicine are:

  • Engineering.
  • Health & Medicine.
  • Applied & Pure Sciences.
  • Business & Management
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Social Studies & Media.

Queen’s School of Medicine –

1) Medical/MBBS Education

Queen’s School of Medicine purveys eccentric medical education to the students as compared to other institutions. Medical Education in Queen’s School of Medicine is a four-year life span of education, encountering all the provisions for commendation & formulating the graduate students for their postgraduate indoctrination, priming to certification & Licensure as well. Students can also even check the whole MBBS subjects & medical course as well from its official website of Queen’s School of Medicine.

2) Scholarship Opportunities For Indian Students

Any of the students who are applying for their studies in Queen’s School of Medicine can apply for this Scholarships Program. Queen’s School of Medicine Scholarships offers students to get some reduction in their education’s tuition fees & free of cost accommodation in Queen’s School of Medicine Hostel.

3) MCI Approved or Not?

Queen’s School of Medicine is approved and recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) globally, offering significant advantages to students from the incorporation of the clinical & basic sciences in the syllabus & also from the enlarging alliances in the whole education among the clinical rules & regulations.

 4) Total Tuition Fees/ MBBS Fee Structure

As above already the MBBS course in the Queen’s School of Medicine is a full-time course of four years in which there is more concentration on practical education rather than conceptual education. For this 5-years education, Queen’s School of Medicine MBBS fees is in between CAD 43,676-80,520 per year.

How To Get Admission in Queen’s School of Medicine For Indian Students

To get admission to Queen’s School of Medicine for Indian Students, one must have written the MCAT Exam i.e. Medical College Admission Test, viable five years preliminary to the application deadline of that particular education.

Requirements for Indian Students to get admission in the Queen’s School of Medicine:

  • Minimum IELTS Score is 6.5 for Under-Graduate & Seven for Post-Graduate
  • Minimum TOEFL Score is 90 for Post-Graduate & 80 for Under- Graduate.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Reference Letter
  • MCAT Score Card.
  • Valid Passport & Copy of Passport’s Front Main Page.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Admission Letter.


Make confident that all the documents should be submitted as per the standards of Queen’s School of Medicine. To ensure Application Status i.e. Complete or Incomplete, Read thoroughly the guidelines of Queen’s School of Medicine.

Indian students have to fill their admission form for their MBBS course in Queen’s School of Medicine which is available on the official website of Queen’s School of Medicine.

Indian students can also get permanent residency after fulfilling their full four-year life span of MBBS course in Queen’s School of Medicine after getting settled into a well-known Hospital or Clinic & plan to settle as well in Canada, as Canada allows students to stay over there for at least three years after completion of their MBBS course.

Queen’s School of Medicine MBBS Application Form

If any of the students, i.e. Indian or International want to take admission into MBBS course then they can fill out the Application form which is available on the official website of Queen’s School of Medicine. Students can also fill their MBBS course Admission form & Scholarship Appointment Form as well which one can acquire on the official website of Queen’s School of Medicine.

Queen’s School of Medicine MBBS World Ranking

Queen’s School of Medicine MBBS World University Ranking is 251-300. That’s the reason only why most of the students prefer to do their MBBS course in Queen’s School of Medicine as compared to any other medical universities, conserving around 22000 students every year from more than 100 countries, systematizing the best-skilled faculties for students as well.

Queen’s School of Medicine Hostel Life

Queen’s School of Medicine also offers hostel provisions for all the students, who come across to study over there. Most of the residences & hostels are accessible in the main campus only, within a 10-minute walk to classes & libraries too and within a 20-minute walk to campus as well, yielding the middling atmosphere to the students who are living in Queen’s School of Medicine Hostel.

Facilities provided by Queen’s School of Medicine to all the nationalities of students are:

  •  Accessibility of Social Web to Hostel Students.
  • Library & Laundry prerequisites
  • Nutritious Dining food
  • Virtuous livelihood community
  • Free Transportation & Sports Tournaments as well.

Queen’s School of Medicine Reviews

Any of the visitors or student, who is reading this article, must go through the official website of among Queen’s School of Medicine, and also share their genuine reviews among Queen’s School of Medicine in below comment area.

Please share your reviews as well!!

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