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The National Medical University of Odessa was founded in 1900 as the Novorossiysk University Medical Faculty in Odessa. Soon, during that period, this faculty was considered the most prestigious and well-equipped medical institution in the whole of Russia. This affluent institution, however, was unable to see many days of glory and was shut down temporarily during the war.

Little by little, once the conflict dissipated and the new system of education was established; the institution began to gain popularity in the medicine brotherhood and was groomed as an independent organization. Around 1922, Odessa Medical Institution became a prominent institution in the southern region as an autonomous medical institution.

Post-independence, the Ukrainian government honoured Odessa National Medical University with the 4th level of accreditation. Currently, ONMU is one of Ukraine’s leading universities through the attempts of eminent faculty members and contributing members of the medical brotherhood of Ukraine.

NMU is well accepted and acknowledged across the European and American continents through methodological learning and updated curriculum. Nearly 6,000 learners graduate from 58 separate faculty each year and fulfil their dreams of becoming a successful doctor. The registered learners can use English, Russian and other Ukrainian languages to choose the language of instruction.


The university has 100 clinical departments at 63 medical and prophylactic facilities in the region of Odessa and Odessa. All college departments have their own website. The website includes all important methodological materials in Ukrainian, Russian and English in all fields.


The college library has developed an electronic catalogue of the entire fund of books and publications (over 700,000 titles) as well as an electronic fund of course books. There has been on-line access to electronic funds.

Odessa National Medical UniversityRecognition – MCI Status:

The Odessa National Medical University maintains accreditation at the 4th level and its classes and curriculum are in line with European education standards. Global organisations such as WHO, UNESCO and other medical agencies have acknowledged their academic qualifications, making it one of the most sought-after medical colleges among learners. The Medical Council of India approves and recognizes the university internationally.

Odessa National Medical UniversityFee Structure:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Seat Booking

Rs 39,000

600 USD



Rs 1,00,000

1540 USD

Visa Charges Rs 90,000
Tuition Fees 3850 USD

Rs 2,50,250

4000 USD


4200 USD

Rs 2,73,000

4500 USD

Rs 2,92,500

4800 USD


5100 USD

Rs 3,31,500

Hostel Fees 1300 USD

Rs 85,000

1300 USD

Rs 85,000

1300 USD

Rs 85,000

1300 USD

Rs 85,000

1300 USD

Rs 85,000

1300 USD

Rs 85,000

Yearly Total Rs 7,40,000

11384 USD

Rs 3,53,000

5420 USD

Rs 3,66,000

5620 USD

Rs 3,86,000

5920 USD

Rs 4,05,000

6220 USD

Rs 4,24,000

6520 USD

Other fees include resident license, medical and health insurance fees, and textbook fees. Odessa National Medical University above-mentioned fee structure includes the hostel and the cost of living, so you don’t have to pay for it.

Internship at Odessa National Medical University:

Practice at the university is not compulsory. Students can return to India to do an internship. However, most learners prefer to continue the internship at Odessa National Medical University owing to the high-quality facilities, laboratories and huge patient flow.

Scholarship for MBBS in Odessa National Medical University:

Every year, the account is taken of the students ‘ academic accomplishment and the scholarship is granted. Included in the scholarship are tuition fees, hostel fees and travel fees.

How to get Admission at Odessa National Medical University for Indian students:

Every year, Odessa National Medical University is readily accessed by many Indian learners. Admission is a straightforward method, learners must apply and wait for permission. The learners can travel to the university to begin the courses once the approval is obtained from the university.

Odessa National Medical UniversityAdmission:

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria for Indian students to get a seat in the Odessa National Medical University is as follows:

  • Should secure 50% score in physics, chemistry and Biology
  • Should have completed 17 years of age.
  • A Valid passport
  • Minimum of 70% for CBSE students.

Odessa National Medical UniversityApplication Form:

Application to the University can be done online through Odessa National Medical University Website. The following steps can be followed to seek admission.

  1. Registration

The following documents along with the application form needs to be sent to the University

  • 10th and 12th Mark sheets.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Migration certificate from the Medical Council of India.
  • Copy of the Passport.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • NEET qualification score sheet.
  1. Admission acceptance letter.

Once the documents have been sent to the University, it might take about 45 days for the University to send an admission acceptance letter. On receiving the letter, the student is confirmed of a seat.

  1. The fee to the University:

The first year fee should be deposited to the University’s account immediately after receiving the letter from the University.

  1. Fly to the University:

Once the payment is done, the student can apply for visa. On receiving the Visa, the student can fly to the University to start the class.

Kindly find the link below to the official website of the University:


Odessa National Medical UniversityRanking:

Nationally the University is placed in the1101th position. Worldwide the University is placed at 3515th position.

Odessa National Medical UniversityHostel Life:

For the efficient and uninterrupted professional development of physicians and pharmaceutics, a Distance Education Center has been developed. The university has developed all the required circumstances for the recreation of active learners. The University Sports Complex has six sports halls: for sports games, table tennis, aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics, shaping-up, gymnastics and track and field hall.

The sports and fitness complex of the pupils is located on the Black Sea shore of Lustdorf land. There is also the creative job centre of learners at the college called “VITA.”In this centre, thirty creative organizations of various genres are active and unite about 250 learners. There are 2,500 students living in five hostels.

The university provides large, spacious and well-constructed hostels to the learners. The students are provided with single or shared rooms. The university provides large, spacious and well-constructed hostels to the learners. The rooms can be selected according to the student’s priorities. The environment is so suitable for Indian students.

Odessa National Medical UniversityReviews:

“ High standards in education and clinical experience”, says Kala Fourth-year student from India.

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