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National Pharmacy University is a national centre for pharmaceutical education and scientific advancement that plays a major role in implementing public policy in training a fresh generation of extremely qualified professionals and implementing competitive scientific advances for the science-intensive pharmaceutical industry. The University creates conditions for the profound academic practice of highly qualified experts on the principles of education and collaboration in science.

National Pharmacy University is the only pharmaceutical profile higher education institution in our state. Its evolution has supplied our country’s entire pharmaceutical sector with the growth of national pharmaceutical schools, science, manufacturing. The first and only Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (KhPhI) was established by Health Care Narkomat and Golovnauk Resolution in 1921 based on the Proposal of prominent Kharkiv researchers.

The National Pharmacy University is a contemporary IV accreditation level European greater education institution. Since its establishment, the university had celebrated its bicentennial in 2005. The University has developed material and technical foundation equivalent to 105000 square meters and meeting the demands of the quality standards of world education. There are six buildings for universities and five hostels.

52 schools provide the instructional process, where 830 lecturers work, 85% of whom have a science degree. There are 72 science doctors, about 400 teachers and science applicants.


In 1903, the pharmaceutical laboratory had its own library numbering 346 books, herbarium, pharmacognostic collection, 1029 different tools, four microscopic preparation collections, two pharmaceutical preparation collections and two mineralogical collections. The laboratory’s estate was estimated at 11,269 Karbovanets in 1908. The university also publishes countless magazines and textbooks that are popular in and out of Ukraine.


There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and medical shops near the campus. The university’s public transport is also readily available.

The National University Of Pharmacy – MCI status:

The Indian Medical Council recognizes and approves the National University Of Pharmacy. The University is also acknowledged by the World Health Organization and the International Medical Education and Research Advancement Foundation as well.

National University Of Pharmacy Fee Structure:

  Tuition Fees in USD Tuition Fees in Rupees
Tuition Fee Approximately 4800 USD every year 3,30,093 Rupees

Internship at National University Of Pharmacy:

There are two options to complete the Internship, one way is to do the internship at the National University Of Pharmacy itself, the other way is to get back to India to complete the Internship. Clearing the MCI Screening examination is necessary to pursue an Internship in India.

Scholarship for MBBS in National University Of Pharmacy:

The students ‘ academic achievement is taken into consideration each year and the scholarship is awarded. Tuition fee, hostel fee and travel fee are included in the scholarship given.

How to get Admission at the National University Of Pharmacy for Indian students:

More than 16,000 learners are currently studying at the University, including about 100 foreigners. For these years, the University has prepared more than 4,000 pharmacy professionals for 73 countries around the world. Foreigners can receive education in Russian, Ukrainian or English at the NUPh. Study duration in Russian and Ukrainian is 6 years (Preparatory Faculty 1st year study). English research duration is 5 years.

National University Of Pharmacy Admission:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Should have completed 10th and 12th
  • Should have completed 17 years of age by the time of applying.
  • Should have secured 75% in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
  • Should have secured a 50% above in 10th and 12th.
  • Should be qualified in NEET conducted in India.
  • Should have cleared TOEFL/IELTS.

Documents required:

  • Scanned copies of 10th and 12th Mark sheets.
  • Passport copy
  • Birth Certificate
  • Migration Certificate from India
  • Passport
  • Medical Certificates
  • Reports on HIV and vaccination
  • Passport size photos
  • Scanned copies of NEET marks

National University Of Pharmacy Application Form:

STEP 1: Invitation Letter:

On application to the University, along with the required documents, the student will receive an Invitation Letter.

STEP 2: To get the Visa:

Students should contact the closest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate after receiving an invitation letter from the Ukrainian Admission Center.

STEP 3: Arrival:

Students should educate us about their flight information with date and time of arrival after receiving a visa from the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. At the airport, one of our officials will receive the student. If the student does not tell us of his / her arrival, he/she is deported back to his / her home country.

Kindly find the link below to apply:


National University Of Pharmacy Ranking:

The National University Of Pharmacy nationally occupies the 72nd position among the other medical colleges. Worldwide, the University occupies the 9110th position.

National University Of Pharmacy Hostel Life:

University has 5 hostels with 28431 sq total region. M for 2220 students ‘ housing. The International Office offers all global learners receiving an educational offer with a guarantee of housing placement facilities. International students have several lodging choices and it is essential to consider whether you prefer an autonomous lifestyle or whether you appreciate living in a society. Combine the comfort of living on or near campus, access to programs and facilities to assist you to achieve academic excellence, the chance to create enduring relationships, comfortable, accessible living, and a university’s life.

University territory and major routes of learners from hostels to academic structures are shielded and patrolled by guard service officers. Internet facilities are given for all rooms in hostels. Hostel No.5 has free web facilities. Hostel No.5 has a wi-fi zone. Students can access the wireless internet connection by using a laptop, wi-fi phone or another appropriate mobile device. Students can find rooms on campus. All the rooms of the hostel are equipped and differ in size and amount of comforts. Hostel dormitory rooms can accommodate space for 2 or 3 learners.

National University Of Pharmacy Reviews:

“The University has a high level of schooling and quality. One of the finest atmospheric and safety student universities,” says Rashmika, third-year Indian MBBS student.

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