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I can´t always talk about myself 🙂
Let us find out more about Anis! He is a young scientist and a medical student of Kharkov National Medical University.
He took part in a research. What does it mean anyway?

As an Indian student health problems in India, always remain in my mind.
My topic of research in ISIC 2013, the annual scientific conference at Kharkov National Medical University was, improving the treatment of anterior ischemic optic neuropathy by using inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase with standard therapy.
With the help of the chief of ophthalmology department, we conducted a research on some of our patient suffering from aion. We divided patient in two groups ,to first group we gave standard therapy and to second group we gave standard therapy plus inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase and we got the result that patient using standard therapy often suffer from fluctuation of blood pressure and intraocular pressure but patient using ioca have very minimal or negligible fluctuation in BP or iop.

Thank you Anis!

Let me know, if you have something new!!!


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