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Sichuan Medical University, attached to the Ministry of Education, is one of China’s top universities. It is located in the land of abundance, which is the Chengdu – A famous historical and cultural capital city of Sichuan Province. It consists of three campuses,  namely – Wangjiang, Huaxi and Jiang’an that totally covers an area of 470 hectares with 2,525 million square meters for the floor space.

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About Sichuan University, China

The Sichuan Medical Academy has got many masterminds like writer Li Jieren, historian Gi Gu Jiegang, physicist Wu Dayou, botanist Fang Wenpei and esthetician Zhu Guangqian from the last century. With all these high knowledge scholars the education is leveled up high at the university.

Sichuan Medical University, China has formed a rich cultural heritage and had created a strong foundation for education amongst the other Universities. This University is one of the Pioneers in providing a medical undergraduate and Postgraduate program and a first of its kind in the western Chinese tradition.


Sichuan Medical University, China now has 40,000 students enrolled into various courses with  30 academic colleges offering 126 undergraduate programs covering 10 faculty – Philosophy, Arts, Engineering, Economics, Law, History, Science, Agriculture, Management and Medicine

There are 9 national bases for Talent – Training and teaching in basic courses under its administration. It has also got 1 national Culture – Education base for college students, 7 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 20 National Quality Courses, and 10 Distinguished University Teachers.

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MBBS in Sichuan University

Sichuan Medical University has totally 45 disciplines authorized to grant doctoral degrees. The university offers 32 master programs, 37 postdoctoral research stations, 138 undergraduate programs, 354 doctoral programs, and 438 master programs. It also has 4 cultivated disciplines of national importance along with 46 major national disciplines.

Research Careers:

Sichuan Medical University with its 13 key engineering centers and medical laboratories, has made a great achievement over the years. It had always exhibited great strength in the fields of research. It has got 11 key laboratories, 4 state-level international scientific and technological cooperation bases. 6 Engineering research centers function under the supervision of  The Ministry of Education and 3 Key Laboratories under the supervision of The Ministry of Health.

Sichuan University recognition, MCI Approved Or Not?

Being placed one amongst the top medical colleges, Sichuan Medical University is recognized and approved by the World Health Organization, Medical Council of India, and the United States Medical Council.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS:

The cost of pursuing MBBS at this University is as simple as that because of the fact that Sichuan University fees are as low and affordable as many Indian Private Medical Colleges are.

Sichuan Medical University Fee Structure:

PER YEAR 4,62,000 60,000 10,000 37,000 5,69,000

Others Include Application fees, etc.

The tuition fee includes Health Insurance and book fees.

Internship at Sichuan Medical University:

A university internship is not mandatory. Students can come back and do an internship in India. However, due to the high-quality infrastructure and laboratory, most students prefer to continue the internship at Sichuan Medical University. The enormous patient flow also allows a fantastic practical experience for the students.

Scholarship for MBBS in Sichuan Medical University:

In order to encourage and financially support international students, Sichuan University has established various types of scholarships. To apply for a scholarship, applicants must meet specified requirements. Stipends can further promote international students’ education and management and encourage them to cultivate their morality and study diligently. The scholarship is offered to the outstanding international undergraduates of Sichuan University with an average score of 85 or higher at school high school.

How to get admission In Sichuan University For Indian Students

Since then, from 2001, when Sichuan Medical University started to enroll international students, it has recruited 9 batches of medical students from India. Currently, more than 350 students from India are pursuing Medicine at the University.

MBBS in Sichuan Medical University is made easy with the course offerings in English language. The University is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools and MBBS graduates from the academy are eligible to undertake medical licensing examinations conducted by medical councils in various countries such as MCI, SCHS, HPCSA, PMDC, USMLE,  etc.

Sichuan Medical University Admission:

According to the Chinese Schedule, each academic year consists of two semesters namely spring and autumn.

  • The autumn semester starts from that of late August or early September and goes on up to late January of the next year.
  • The Spring semester starts from late February or Early March and goes up to Mid – July.

Applicants for the MBBS program should apply three months prior to the beginning of a new semester.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for Indian students to get through in Sichuan Medical academy is

  • Minimum 85% in State board 10+2 level
  • Minimum 70% in CBSE/ ICSE levels
  • Early bird application to the University.

Interviews will be conducted at the time of admission. In the case of excess applicants then selection will be based on a comprehensive examination.

Sichuan University MBBS Application Form

Application to the University can be done online through Sichuan  Medical University Official Website. All that needs to be done is to log in and apply directly on the website.

The documents needed are:

  • Sichuan application forms copy
  • Passport copy
  • High school Mark sheet
  • Photographs
  • Letters of Recommendation from School
  • Guardian letter
  • Visa application for study in China

Kindly find the link below to download the application form for International Students:


Email to the ID given below for any enquires:

bioluo@scu.edu.cn (For Asian and African Students)

nic8203@scu.edu.cn (For Scholarship Students and Degree Students).

Admission will be determined and confirmed only after the application materials have been verified and evaluated. If applicants are admitted, they will receive a Visa Form for International Students in China (Form JW202) and a Letter of Admission from the Sichuan Medical Academy authorities.

Sichuan University MBBS World Ranking

Sichuan Medical University occupies the 296th position among the other medical colleges across the world. It holds a prestigious 13th position Nationally and strives hard every year to increase its position.

Sichuan Medical University Hostel Life

Campus life at Sichuan Medical University is so peaceful with a wide range of opportunities and amenities. It possesses a library which is kept open from 8:00 AM to 22:00 PM. Along with that, it has got post offices, grocery stores, computer rooms, banks, gyms, stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields,  etc.

For students who dream to pursue MBBS, Sichuan Medical University is a very good choice in terms of cost and knowledge.

Sichuan Medical University Reviews:

“Sichuan University is one of the most famous universities in west China, which is highly characterized by a mixture of arts, science, engineering, and medicine, Am so proud and blessed,” says Lee an Internee who is all excited for her graduation.

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