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The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto is one of the top universities in Canada, beginning in 1827, specialized in the discovery, studying, and developing knowledge. University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, known as pioneering of insulin & stem cells as well. More than a century, this university abides its position at the spearhead of life-changing health exploration & innovation.

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The Faculty of Medicine propounds its offers from all across the globe, well-known for its environment of innovation.  This university yields several courses of medical & engineering stream for both graduate & postgraduate courses as well, assigning astonishing friendly habitat in which students can learn & work together.

According to the Times Higher Education Ranking, the Faculty of Medicine is among the top 10 universities worldwide, offering 980 graduate and postgraduate courses.

Faculty of Medicine has three campuses:

  • Downtown Toronto (St. George)
  • Mississauga (in West)
  • Scarborough (in East)

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Health Lattice consists of three particularized hospitals: Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for Oncology, General Hospital in Toronto for Cardiology and Organ Relocation & Toronto Western Hospital for Neuroscience and Musculoskeletal Health.

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine MBBS Education:

1) Scholarship Programs For International and Indian Students

International Students who are applying for studying their courses at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine are eligible for Scholarships. The Total Productive value of each student will be $40,000. The medical school proffers a finite number of merits –built scholarships every year.

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Benchmark on which the Faculty of Medicine’s Scholarships depends:

  • Aboriginal ancestry
  • Academic Status
  • Clique or Faculty Elaboration
  • Financial Need
  • Non-Collegiate Activity

The Medical School offers students a distinctive MBBS education in contrast with other universities. MBBS training at the Faculty of Medicine is a five-year span in which practical experience is more common than theoretical research.

2) MCI Approved Status

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto, Canada’s aged Medical Studies Institutions is approved and recognized globally by MCI (Medical Council of India), consisting of 21,556 faculty members and staff. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, recognized as an entrepreneurial center, has built up more start-ups over the past three years.

3) Cost/ Fees Structure of Medicine

As above, the MBBS program at the Medical school is a five-year full-time course that focuses more on practical education than theoretical training. The  MBBS fees for this 5-year training are CAD 45,690 per year.

4) Step-By-Step Admission Process For Indian Students

To be admitted to the Faculty of Medicine for Indian Students here, it is necessary to begin their application process at the beginning of their third year of graduation.  There are, of course, two classifications of admission requirements depending on the choice, which must be followed:

  • Academic Requirements
  • Non-Academic Requirements

Documents Needed to be admitted to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto

Academic Requirements

  • Previous University Experience
  • The minimum IELTS score for undergraduate and postgraduate students is 6.5
  • The maximum Postgraduate TOEFL Score is 93 and the Undergraduate Score is 100.
  • Curriculum Vitae of a student.

Non-Academic Requirements:

  • Brief Personal Passages.
  • Letter of References.
  • Autobiographical Outlines.
  • Academic Requirements as well.
  • Academic & Non-Academic Requirements.

Make sure all reports should be submitted in compliance with OMSAS requirements, i.e. Application Service for Ontario Medical Schools, and all applicants can apply online via OMSAS. To ensure the status of the submission, i.e. Read the OMSAS Verification Document thoroughly, complete and partial.

Indian students must complete their admission form for their MBBS course at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, which is available on their official website.

Indian students can also get permanent residency after fulfilling their MBBS course from here after getting settled into a well-known Hospital or Clinic & plan to settle as well in Toronto, as Canada allows students to stay over there for at least three years after completion of their MBBS course.

5) Online MBBS Application Form

If any of the students, i.e. Indian or International want to take admission into the MBBS course then they can fill out the Application form which is available on the official website of the University. Students can also fill their MBBS course Admission form & Scholarship Appointment Form as well which one can acquire on the official website of the University.

For any doubt regarding the admission procedure or contacting the University’s officials, you can click on the link below:


6) MBBS World Ranking of Medical School/ College

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine MBBS World University Ranking is 28. That’s the reason only why most of the students prefer to do their MBBS course University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine as compared to any other medical university, in which more than 19,187 international students approaching every year for the study.  

7) Hostel Life & Lifestyle at the Campus

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine also offers hostel prerequisites for all the students, having a wide range of housing alternatives, providing very modest weather to the students who come across to study at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.

Facilities provided by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine to all the nationalities of students are:

  • Clannish, Encouraging & Entertaining Community.
  • On-Campus Tournaments & Sports Competitions.
  • Library & Laundry Provisions.
  • Study Batches & Club Enterprises.
  • Imparting in Movie Nights.
  • City Expeditions & Academic Mentorship.
  • Nourishing Food.

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Reviews

Any of the visitors or student, who is reading this article, must go through the official website of among University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, and also share their genuine reviews among University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine in below comment area.

Please share your reviews as well!!

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