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Located in the core of Metro Manila, Manila Central University is a pillar of Philippine health science and professional programs. MCU started in 1904 as a private evaluation class for aspirants to be examined by the pharmacy board and has ever since contributed to general individual growth. It ultimately developed into a school that replied to the need for private and non-sectarian learning and extended access to Philippine college education.MCU has grown into one of the country’s leading health science education and health service organizations for over a hundred years.

Founded in 1947, the MCU College of Medicine is now devoted to creating skilled and morally upright doctors who are equipped with the correct knowledge of vital habits, attitude and professional ethics. It is dedicated to preparing future doctors with essential understanding and abilities in medical practice, research and postgraduate studies.

Today, in the Philippines and around the globe, the MCU Medicine College has thousands of graduates in the medical profession, academics and community service. The students are provided with the required expertise and abilities among the top medical practitioners and teachers with full clinical training facilities in the country.


Medicine is a program in which fundamental sciences and clinical topics are integrated over all four years. Basic sciences are emphasized previously while the focus is later on clinical medicine.

The learners have interactive presentations, tiny group conversations, laboratory exercises and exposure to patients during hospitals over the first three years. The 4th year is a rotating clinical clerkship of twelve months in which the learners have hands-on patient exposure.

Manila Central University Recognition – MCI Status:

Manila Central University is acknowledged and endorsed by the Medical Council of India, the World Health Organization, the United Kingdom Council of Medicine, the U.S. Department of Education and the International Medical Education Directory as one of the top medical schools in the Philippines.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS:

At this University, the price of studying MBBS is as simple and easy as charges are as small and inexpensive as many Indian Private Medical Colleges. The course is really worth the cash at Manila Central University.

Manila Central University Fee Structure:

A detailed fee structure is listed out below

Year Fee Charges (In Rupees)
First Year Charges 665,000
Second Year Charges 609,000
Third Year Charges 280,000
Fourth Year Charges 296,800
Fifth Year Charges 308,000
Total Charges 21,58,800

Internship at Manila Central University:

Practice at the university is not compulsory. There are two options for students to finish their internship. One way is to finish it at the Manila Central University, and the other is to finish the internship in their home town. Most learners choose to remain at the medical school to finish their internship as it allows them to use the elevated flow of patients and the infrastructure.

Scholarship for MBBS inManila Central University:

Full Scholarship – 100% free one-semester tuition fee; 1.25 GWA grades with no less than 1.75 grades.

Partial Scholarship – 50% discount on tuition fees for one semester; 1.60 GWA grades with no grades below 2.00.

Partial Scholarship – 30 per cent discount on one-semester tuition fees; grades of 1.75 GWA with no grades below 2.00.

College of Medicine Alumni Discount Lifetime:

Incoming and ongoing learners who are an MCU College of Medicine Alumni’s son or daughter may benefit from a 10 per cent discount on tuition fees from 1st year to 4th year.

How to get Admission at Manila Central University for Indian students:

Manila Central University has trained over 1000 global learners since its inauguration. Now, at the University, about 50 Indian learners are studying. The communication and the educational medium at the University are English, which is another benefit for Indian students.

Even the climate for the Indians is extremely favourable as it is either extremely humid or plenty of rain over the years. The warmest months, while the winters are from November to February, are the march to October.

Manila Central University Admission:

  • The student should visit the LRC ground floor admission office.
  • The student should register at the MCU Online Admission Application or fill out the Admission Form.
  • Pay the entrance fee at the PGT ground floor Cashier’s office.
  • Take the check-in (Entrance exam).
  • Go to the interview planned.
  • Submit the criteria for admission.
  • Secure routing slip for registration

Note: Foreign students need to pay ELEP Program and Developmental Fees.

Manila Central University Admission:

The following steps need to be followed to seek admission into the Manila Central University.

List of required documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Photographs
  • Letters of Recommendation from School
  • Guardian letter
  • Filled and signed application form.
  • Copy of the Marksheets
  • Copy of the National Medical test report

Manila Central University Application Form:

Application form for the Medical School can be found online on the official website of theManila Central University. All that needs to be done is to log in and download the application form.

Kindly find the link below to download the application form for International Students:


Manila Central University Ranking:

Manila Central University occupies a position within the top 10,000 ranks among the other medical colleges across the world. It holds a prestigious 47th position Nationally and strives hard every year to increase its position.

Manila Central University Hostel Life:

With a broad range of possibilities and facilities, campus life at Manila University is so peaceful. It has a big, completely furnished, air-conditioned space. The spaces can be individually shared or searched for. It also has post offices, grocery shops, computer rooms, banks, gyms, stadiums, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, etc.

The University provides one-bedroom housing for international learners in the primary campus building. The rooms are easy but comfortable with the bed, table, lamps, a tiny closet and a bookshelf. There is a refrigerator, laundry rooms, a kitchen that gives the student an additional benefit.

Manila Central University Reviews:

“There is an extremely good way of teaching and communication at the University. Best choice in my life,” says Sharmila an Internee who is all excited for her graduation.

Do Share Your Reviews about the Manila Central University Below:

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