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How to manage first year as a medical student?

Most of want to know how to handle their classes and their time in first year. Certainly, you want to avoid common mistakes which will bring you a drawback.

During your first year, you will be confronted with tons of new topics and subjects. It can be very challenging as you need to learn how to process this information and memorize it.
In order to be a successful first-year student the following things will help you:

1. Attend lectures and class
Review the topic at home before attending the lecture. This way you are already prepared and the information won’t be entirely new. The advantage is that you will be ahead of the others who are struggling to grasp the information. It gives you a chance to ask questions and intensify your learning.

2. Boost your study concept
Reding your books and notes will teach you something. But why don´t you boost your study concept with something extra?
How about combining your theoretical skills with something practical?
Subjects like Anatomy: Draw the bones, label them and memorize this picture in your mind.
This approach helps you to learn the things practically.

3. Extracurricular activities
Participate in the activities in which you are interested. You can meet new people and take time off from studying.
This way you do not isolate yourself and it guarantees you fun.

Life only starts when you commence medical school. It is the beginning of something big. Make sure you enjoy each step of it.

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