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Your semester has started and you may face a new challenge…  your roommate!

If you share your room, the relationship is crucial.

You can either have the best experience with your roomy or step on each other’s nerves and regret your decision.

Fortunately, there are some tricks to make it work- in almost all cases.

  1. Found Ground Rules on Cleaning

Your roomy and you should discuss what level of cleanliness you expect. The topics which should be considered: when to wash dirty dishes, who should throw the trash, taking turns in cleaning the washroom, airing of the room.

  1. Create Timings to Study

Soon you will notice, that you might be a person with the maximum learning ability in the morning times but your roomy studies best at night. The night owl will be terribly grumpy in the mornings if you switch on the lights to study. Looking at it the other way around, the early- morning person will be displeased if you leave on the lights and make sounds to study all night.

  1. Grant Each Other Space

You should grant “space” to each other. Emotionally and spatially.

Occasionally your roomy won´t feel like talking  or just needs some time to relax. It doesn’t mean that things between you are going down the drain, just respect that emotional space is necessary. Spatially don’t  congest the room with only your belongings, leaving no space for the roomy´s personal things.

  1. Help Each Other

Both of you are going to spend a lot of time together. It is a nice gesture to help each other out. Your roomy ran out of milk? Just offer some of yours.  Your roomy is ill and can´t leave the bed? Offer to buy some food, medicine or tea.

  1. Confront the Roomy

There will be times when you are annoyed by your roomy. It is best if you discuss the matter right away. Unless you don´t mention what you are pissed about, chances are zero that anything will change. Start the conversation and be respectful.

Have a good year with your roomy and enjoy your life as a student.

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