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Language Challenges When You Study M.B.B.S. Abroad

One of the challenges you may face when studying abroad is the native language of the country.
It is not correct to pretend there won´t be any problem.

If you live in Punjab and travel to Kerala, you will already have a native language challenge.
Without being able to communicate, it might be challenging to blend into the new culture and make new friends from the respective country.

Surely you will get around speaking English, no doubt. However, more doors will open up for you if you can communicate with confidence.

A good option to prepare for the new language are You Tube videos. There are many talented people on this platform, teaching you the basics of the langauge, for free over the internet.
Once you will reach your study destination, you are going to impress teachers and university officials with a few words you have already learned.

Only practice will make you perfect until then try to improve your skills by learning 5 new words daily.

One big mistake many international students make is staying in groups of people from their own country. Of course, it is important to have your own people around you but don´t be afraid to make new friends.

Usually, students prefer to stay in the same small circle to avoid language and cultural differences. Yet this restrainment will prevent you from growing.

We will give you Top 5 suggestions how to start an attempt to meet new people:
1. Just talk to them: “Hey how are you?” “Where are you from?”
2. Join conferences, seminars which the university offers
3. Join festivals which are taking place, not related to your country
4. Connect to people in the gym, dancing classes etc.
5. Participate in extracurricular activities

Good luck finding new friends and using your new language as a tool for success.

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