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Ukraine is Eastern Europe’s nation. The nation is situated on the southwest end of the Black Sea sharing its boundaries with Russia in the east, Belarus in the north, Poland in the northwest, Slovakia and Hungary in the west, and Romania in the southwest and south, with Moldova in the middle. Ukraine is Europe’s second-largest nation. Ukraine is currently ranked fourth in Europe for having the biggest amount of post-graduates in medical areas. Ukraine has several top government medical universities providing local students as well as global students MBBS, MD and other degrees in medicine. All of Ukraine’s medical schools are accredited by significant organisations around the world such as WHO and UNESCO.

Ukraine is now gaining a great deal of popularity among international students who want to pursue their MBBS abroad. Ukraine includes many of the world-class Government Medical Universities offering MBBS, MD and other medical degrees at a very inexpensive cost. The full length of Ukraine’s MBBS program is 5.8 years. In order to be admitted to a medical university in Ukraine, students are not needed to pass any entrance exam. So Ukraine created it very simple for the aspiring student to fulfil their dreams of becoming successful physicians.

Why Study MBBS at Kyiv:

The government of Ukraine is very keen on improving and developing the country’s medical education. The medical universities are constantly being assisted by the government of Ukraine to maintain the educational standard. Students graduating from a Medical University in Ukraine can operate anywhere in the globe.

The quality of medical schools in Ukraine’s education and infrastructure is very good. The government is always there to assist universities in solving educational research and economic problems.MBBS spending in Ukraine and housing is very small. There is no need for the student to pay a donation for admission to a medical college in Ukraine. In medical schools, there are many extracurricular activities and sporting activities that keep the learners fit and active. Students are urged to participate in numerous global seminars and conferences.

MCI Approval in Kyiv:

Before enrolling in any course, the most significant thing for a student to do is to verify whether or not the institution is accredited. So, before accepting admission,  and placing your cash into any college, this is something to study about. The accreditation status provides the student with an understanding of the education standards offered at the university and the university’s reputation.

It is an assertion that the college has elevated educational expectations, and learners are entitled to understand and expect the same from the college they enter. Also, if the instructional institutions recognize it or not. It ensures that if the quality of education meets the international and state norms of the course you are interested in which is necessary to accomplish the objectives set.

The Kyiv Medical University of the University of Ukrainian Folk Medicine Association is endorsed by the IV-level Ministry of Science and Education, the highest of all college accreditation levels in Ukraine. The degrees acquired from Kyiv Medical Universities are also considered by significant worldwide medical associations such as WHO, UNESCO and MCI. After graduating from universities after passing the domestic medical examination of that specific nation, students can work anywhere in the globe.


The Ministry of Education and Science has awarded a permit to Kyiv University (AE No. 527695), enabling the university to carry out instructional operations in many specialities.

Course Description:

The length of the university course is 6 years as indicated in the Health and Education Ministry permit. The course leads to M.D (physicist) qualification, which is also accredited by Ukraine’s health ministry and WHO, making the university a top option for international learners who want to study MBBS in Ukraine. The classes are provided in three languages, including English. So the university’s command medium is Russian, Ukrainian, and English. So the university’s command medium is Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

There are distinct curriculum rules and regulations established by the MBBS University in Ukraine for each semester. There is a distinct faculty for global learners who have chosen English as the MBBS medium. Under the regulations of the European Union, the global students are trained pre-clinical topics in the original years of the course and they study clinical topics in the last three years.

Dr Sherbakova. A.V. Take care of the international student community and ensure that they receive all the necessary training to become a physician since they come to a new nation to achieve their dream of becoming a physician. The course is a serious program with an understanding based on practice and lecture. The university offers student exchange programs to transmit to hard-working students world-class exposure. This enables them to gain global exposure and meet with learners from various groups.

The Faculty of the Department of General Medicine is so vigorous, articulate in English, multi-skilled, and experienced in adapting contemporary educational techniques that make MBBS an erudite experience for learners outside Ukraine at Kyiv University.

Admission Procedures in Kyiv:

Step 1: To fill up the application form.

Step 2: Once the university accepts the student’s request, the university issues the letter of acceptance.

Step 3: After the letter of confirmation/offer is received by the student. The student is expected to pay 10% of the tuition fees.

Step 4: Once the payment is done, the student will receive an invitation letter from the University.

Step 5: The next step would be applying for a Visa.

Step 6: Once the Visa is received, the student needs to fly to the University.

Documents required for the Admission:

  • Full application form.
  • Passport for international purposes.
  • Passport-sized scanned picture.
  • Educational certificate (Mark sheet and passing certificate 10 and 10 + 2 in PCB with English as mandatory topics with over 65% overall marks. Birth certificate.
  • Other papers if requested.
  • A consent form for private information use.

Weather Conditions:

Ukraine is generally dry, and hot, dry summers and really outrageous winters affect its terrain. The coldest month in Ukraine is January with daytime temperatures generally around 0 ° C, but winter months can be exceptionally colder once in a while with temperatures far below zero, about – 20 ° C or lower and powerful, cold north-eastern breezes, called Bora.

During summers, however, the temperatures reach around 25-30 ° C, sometimes exceptionally higher, not less than 35 ° C, particularly in inland areas. As a general rule, the mid-year months recognize dry atmosphere with magnificent spells, rain often falls with significant thunderstorms now and again, but usually along with the Black Sea’s waterfront districts.

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