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My last 3 days before the departure

I told my relatives that I’m going to Ukraine in October and the first reaction was
always “Where? Do you mean Russia?”

I awkwardly replied “Eeeehm …no… it ’s UKRAINE and my program is taught in English, it’ll be fine.”

I hope it really will be fine! It will be fine, right?

I talked to a girl who went last year and she had the same fear but she said that she had a great time, so I am not too worried.

I’m just excited to meet my teachers and get settled in my medical university. I think the flight will be good as Edupedia Overseas arranged it with other students. It will be really good to get to know them and make friendships on the way to Ukraine.

I’m really excited, and a little nervous. Honestly everything has been so fast since I applied to study through EduPedia Overseas. I’ve barely had time to comprehend the fact that I’m actually going to be across the world so soon and for so long.

Well, whether I like it or not I guess I’ll have to face the reality in 3 days!

My journey starts tomorrow morning

I am taking a break because I have been packing for hours. I am looking around my room and realize that I will not sleep in my bed for the next months. I am thinking about my journey that is about to start in 11 hours. I have never traveled alone before. Honestly, it is the first time that I am going to fly.

But the main problem now, my suitcase is too small. I am allowed to carry 23kg. How in the world are 23kg enough for the next months? I need all my clothes, books, bags and shoes…! My mom sees the chaos in my room and points out the unnecessary things I am packing. She wants me to put a cooking pan, spices, rice and other kitchen utensils in my luggage. Really?? I am going to study and not for a cooking show! But I know it’s pointless to argue with her. I have to eat well, she says!

My heart is so heavy, I want to tell my mom but I don’t want to cry now!

I was the one, insisting to go abroad. I have been pushing my family to let me go, ever since I made contact with EduPedia Overseas. “I want to achieve something in my life”, I tell myself and swallow the pain.

To be honest, I’m still feeling nervous. But I am working on it. Six years in Ukraine…I will be a doctor… a doctor! I can’t help myself, I have to smile a bit.

Whom will I meet and will I make friends? What kind of challenge will I face, how is the food over there, how is my room going to be?

My Dad tells me: “There will be times you will feel lost and lonely, and there will be times you will feel so proud of yourself growing stronger.”

I have called EduPedia Overseas 100 times for my silly questions. They understood my situation and guided me. I am grateful to them as they helped me to make a new step in my life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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