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How will NEET 2020 Cancellation affect MBBS Admissions this year?

With the rapid increase in COVID-19, the current scenario in the world is altering the visage of the education system during this year. With so many examinations being postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, the protection/safety of medical aspirants has become the precedence for performing the establishments. By considering these key-points, the NTA (National Testing Agency) has been advised by the MHRD i.e. Ministry of Human Resource Development to survey the current scenario.  

Ensuing this decision by MHRD, some pedagogics are contemplating that there are more chances of NEET either getting postponed or canceled this year. Furthermore, it is found that there are some parents along with medical aspirants who are looking ahead to the postponement/cancellation of the NEET exam 2020 whereas there are some who are not happy with this decision. Due to any instances, it’s very much necessary for the parents as well as medical aspirants to figure out how the cancellation of the NEET exam will affect MBBS aspirants along with admission procedures this year.

Will NEET 2020 Be Cancelled or Postponed?

With the rapid increase of Coronavirus cases (more than 40,000 active cases per day) across India, not only parents or students but pedagogics are looking ahead to the cancellation of the NEET Exam 2020. But the chances of cancellation of the NEET exam 2020 are very less because NEET is the only way for the medical aspirants to get MBBS admissions either in India or MBBS abroad admissions in the top government/private medical colleges along with other medical-related courses. Still, it’s very quick to judge what might happen in the future. 

How will NEET Cancellation Affect Students?

NEET is one of the most significant medical exams in India and with the help of this exam only medical aspirants can pursue their medical courses at the best private/government medical colleges in the world. Already, medical students have prepared themselves for the NEET Exam 2020 in advance only. So, if NEET Exam 2020 is canceled then all the meticulous preparation of the exam will go futile. Also, this will impact the MBBS admission procedures and maybe because of this, some aspirants may not be pleased with the alternatives. But, it is sure that the government will undergo all these scenarios & come up with an opinion that helps all and sundry.

What will the Impact of NEET 2020 Postponement have on Students?

Well, many of the medical aspirants who didn’t prepare themselves for the exam still & waiting for the postponement of the NEET Exam 2020 will be happier as they’ll get more time for the preparation. Well, every coin has two sides, so there’ll be some negative impact for sure if NEET 2020 postpones again. Medical aspirants who already prepared well for the exam will lose interest in future preparation & accordingly in the exam too resulting in the medical aspirants in an adverse direction.

How will the Cancellation of NEET 2020 Affect MBBS/ BDS Admission Process?

With NEET Exam 2020 being the only method to MBBS/BDS courses in India & abroad countries, canceling a NEET 2020 with such substantial community will have an enormous impact. Now unprecedented, this world can’t bear to forfeit a group of doctors over a medical exam. So, all the conducting & medical authorities, MHRD, NTA, etc. are figuring out some alternative ways for the MBBS admissions in India/ MBBS abroad admissions.

How Will MBBS or BDS Admission/ Counselling Process Take Place if NEET 2020 is Cancelled?

On the supposed cancellation of the NEET Exam 2020, not only pedagogics but also parents & medical students are looking forward to the alternatives for MBBS/BDS admission. Everyone had one question and that is “If not NEET 2020 then what?”. Well, there’s no such alternatives have been announced till now but if anyhow such a situation will come then might be some alternatives like Merit-based admissions, Last Year NEET Scores (valid this year), etc. might be accepted for admissions to MBBS/BDS/other medical-related courses.

What about MBBS Abroad Admissions this year?

Well, NEET is compulsory for those students who either want to settle/practice in India. In such instances, medical aspirants should need to score at least qualifying marks. NTA finalized the date for NEET 2020 at the beginning of July (i.e. Sep 13, 2020) but still, it’s not confirmed yet due to a rise in COVID-19 cases across the globe. But, there’s good news for last-year droppers who have qualifying marks in NEET 2019 that they can apply for their MBBS Abroad this year. Furthermore, some rumors might be this year that medical universities abroad will accept students without NEET (which is 99% impossible). But, still, there’s a lot of time and it’s very quick to judge what might happen in the future.

Will NTA Conduct Online Exam for NEET 2020?

Every year, lakhs of medical aspirants appear in this NEET (pen-paper) exam which is the only way for acquiring MBBS/BDS admissions in India & abroad countries. A great number of medical aspirants travel from their hometowns to different cities for participating in NEET Exam. But, this year, it will increase the chances of infection due to the rapid increase in coronavirus cases. In such instances, specialists/professionals are counseling on both online as well as offline mode of NEET Exam 2020.

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