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How to be a good M.B.B.S. student?

Yes, also M.B.B.S. students get to the point where they ask themselves if they are doing good enough.
Some might doubt their abilities right from the beginning others develop a stage of confusion later on.
It is absolutely normal to go through this stage as you would like to be a good or better medical student.

Let me tell you that the fear of not being good enough, and not doing great at university, actually improves our skills and accomplishments, as we start challenging ourselves.
So if you have these doubts right now, you are about to become a better medical student.
You want to get better, but how?

First the warnings about the things you should NOT do!
If you over challenge yourself in studies it might have serious side effects such as insomnia, no appetite, irritability, and anger.
The enormous learning phase will temporary rise very sharp but then drop abruptly. Because no one can study like a zombie and shouldn´t. Make sure you are keeping the balance between studies and your social life as excessive behaviors are always a one-way street.

What is the best way to become a better medical student?
It is much better to find a healthy and constant way to become and remain a good medical student.
It won´t take much effort you simply need to adjust some of your fixed habits.

1. Listen to the professor
You already made your way to the class or to the lecture. You got ready in the morning, took the bus or the metro and are sitting in the room full of students. But somehow everything seems to be more interesting, than what the professor babbles in the front. Basically, you dedicate your attention to the mobile phone or the person sitting next to you.
Believe me, you could save a lot of time if you actually tried to retain and comprehend what the professor is saying. Make notes and discuss your questions later on.

2. Stick your nose in the book
Come on, open the books which have been lying around your room. Although you planned to use those books at the beginning of the semester ( when you were super motivated) you never end up using them. Why not?
At the end of a semester, you won´t be able to read and study the books all at once. No time to catch up on all the information.You know that!
Create a habit to open those books alongside, so you can solidify and broaden your knowledge.

3. Make a List
Write down a list of topics you didn´t understand or gaps of education which you have, hang it on your wall. Be honest to yourself only then you can improve.
Whensoever you have time, try to process this list and cross out the things you grasp. Take a pen and cross it out with pride.
This method makes you more confident, smarter and honest toward yourself.
At the end of a semester look at the list and see how many things you didn’t know but which you understand now.

Well, those ideas are not entirely new but they work.
Have a good semester 🙂

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