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Now that you have completed your school education in India and have decided to go abroad to study medicine, the question is where to go?
Let me guess, you want to find the best medical university abroad? But you don´t know which one is the best?
You will be surprised that after reading this article you will definitely be closer to your big question.

But first, something about us Indians. We are trained to be the best in everything. It already starts at a very young age actually when we are children. Being compared to our own siblings, cousins, and neighbors. This is when subconsciously our button gets pressed to be the best and even better. It continues in the kindergarten, we need to win all competitions, be the best in the class and be the overachiever in our batch.

However being the best isn´t enough for us. Additionally, we need to purchase, possess and get the best – if possible.
Choosing the best toys to impress friends when playing, join the best kindergarten to have a high standard community surrounding, select the best-reputed school, get the best marks, get the best bike and show off with the best phone.

I believe you get where I am heading. Maybe you have actually never thought about this behavioral pattern we are so obsessed with.
Best Best! It seems like there is only space for ” THE BEST”.

I believe having this very high pressure and demand of being outstanding all the time prevents us in developing our character, our passion, and our strength.
If you have the chance to study medicine abroad you will finally get the chance to widen your horizon and get to know new interesting people and cultures. Because life is not about being perfect. We need to fall down and make mistakes. We need to have fights, arguments, and disappointments. But mainly you will learn how to be a team player – and let me tell you it is a blessing to develop this skill.

So back to the perfect world where you have been the best so far and had little time to think about yourself, is being a doctor really your dream or is it your parent’s dream?

I know selecting “THE BEST University” gives you a feeling of security. It is almost like a promise that your life will turn out perfect.

But guess what? You are wrong! The first time in your life you will need to decide something based on not being the best in general but being “the best option” for you.

You should select the medical university which meets your needs. It is only about you.
Yes, you read correctly, you are the center point of attraction.
The medical university has to fit you like a pair of jeans otherwise you will be very uncomfortable.

Let me give you an example:

You theoretically know that Harvard Medical University is a very good medical university. Will it be suitable for you?
Are you trained to cope up with the students there?
Can your parents spend $58,050/ INR 3,759,942,62 per year for your tuition fee?
Are your marks good enough to get an admission there?
Will you feel comfortable in this country?
Can you visit your family often in India?
If you answers are: No, No and No. You finally understand what I am trying to tell you.

There is only “The Best Medical University For You”! Designed for your own personal needs!
Find out what is important to you! This way you can narrow down your choices:

  1. Do you need an Indian community around you?
  2. Should your native food be available?
  3. Do you prefer an early hands- on training on the patients?
  4. Do you desire to practice with maximum patients in the hospitals?
  5. How much can your parents spend annually?
  6. Where should the degree awarded to you, be valid?

I can go on like this endlessly.

Find an experienced counselor who can guide you and go through all options you have, you will definitely be able to enroll this year.
Good Luck, Dr. Aman
Edu Pedia Overseas

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