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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How to get from A to B in Kharkov

For all the newcomers it is a big question,right?

And for YOU, already a medical student -you are just shaking your head!Come on, you also had 10000 questions in your head once,and some great person answered them. I remember asking silly questions all the time. lol

How will you attend the classes?How will you reach the university?

You guys have a metro station right next to the hostel. Just 1 min walk and you enter the underground.
The metro departs every 3 minutes.Even if you are running late, you will make it on time to the class.The ride takes 12min!
If you still need a taxi, I had really good experience with the company called 3040!To be honest I have used a lot of taxis- a looot of taxis-lazy person syndrome.
By the way you can reach almost any place in Kharkov by metro. It’s much faster than a taxi!
Price :Taxi from Hostel to University 30 UAH , takes 10min without traffic jam!
Price: Metro from Hostel to University 2UAH, always 10 min!

If you are motivated (it happens sometimes)you can even walk, and it will take 1 hour.

If you get bored of the metro, you can use the bus or trolleybus.

Kharkov is a big city but you can reach everything easily!
P.S get a metro card, each ride will be cheaper for you!


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