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MBBS Admission Query Form

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Admission Process has 3 steps

1- Counseling Process
2- Admission Process
3- Visa Process

* EduPedia Overseas supports and leads you from the 1st until the 3rd step and even further

1. Counseling with Edupedia Overseas is the first step towards our target

2. Our Admission service:

Help you to complete the application form
Collect and file your required documents for the University application
Pay the application fee
Receive your admission letter from the University

3. Our Visa Service:

Apply for your invitation letter from the university
Create your visa file for the embassy
Arrange HDR attestation, apostle, translation of documents
Assist to get a medical fitness certificate as required
Cover the medical insurance
Apply for the visa as your representative
Schedule an appointment with the respective embassy
Keep you and family updated about the progress
Train you for the visa interview
Accompany you to your visa appointment
Collect the passport with the visa
Start preparation for departure

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D-Departure from the homeland & A-Arrival at the new destination

Our D-Departure service includes:

  • Reservation of your flight ticket
  • Schedule your flight together with other EduPedia Overseas students
  • Information about essential goods to carry, luggage allowance and all other required information helping to reach the final destination
  • Meeting one of our representatives at the airport (North India) to receive a readymade file with all the necessary documents for Ukraine
  • Clarification of remaining questions
  • Contact Numbers of the local representatives in the foreign country

Our A-Arrival Service at the new destination includes:

  • Receive and welcome you at the airport by one of our representatives
  • Update you about the program
  • Drive you to the hostel
  • Assign you to the hostel room
  • Contact your family from our phone
  • Arrange lunch/dinner for you
  • Provide you with a SIM card
  • Comfort you during the initial acclimatization to the new country
  • Consult our representative for questions
  • Assist you to complete the admission process
  • Guide you to pay the remaining fees
  • Support you in obtaining the residence permit, medical insurance, medical checkups and other necessary documents

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Our Counseling Service

Did you know that you career development is a lifelong process that actually started when you were born? There are a number of factors that influence your career development, including your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances.
Our Counseling will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of studies in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.
Choosing to study is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate. The goal of EduPedia Overseas is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now, but to give you the knowledge so you can chose the right University to have a great future.

Our Counseling helps you to consider:

  • What your real interest?
  • What talents you have?
  • What course you want to pick?
  • What country is best for you?
  • What career options you have?
  • What is expected from you during the course?
  • How to finance the studies?
  • How to explain your family the benefit?

Career Counselling

One of the most important part of our service is to use our experience, expertise and research to acquaint the student with the array of opportunities that the course and the country offers him/her during and after the completion of their pursued course.
Each course has its prospective careers and we make sure that during the course we keep informing students with various options such as:
International conferences/congresses
International opportunities for short courses/internships in their chosen course
Making them acquainted with recognition of their course certificates all over the world
Internships/fellowship options for senior students
International licensing examination information for our medical students.
Helping students with registration of their qualification in country where they pursue their course.
Explain post graduate or further education opportunities not only in the country of their education but also in other countries.
Explain and inform them of job opportunities with their current education.
Research and scholarship options for students in their chosen field.
Professional career guidance to make them proud of their decision of choosing the course/university and making sure to offer contentment to our students for choosing EduPedia Overseas.

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Our Services For Parents

1. Secured private invitation and accommodation maintenance
2. Reservation of hotels
3. Pick up for our clients from the airport
4. Providing professional translator
5. City tour


EduPedia Overseas is more than just a student’s admissions firm. We are medical doctors ourselves with 14 years of experience. We walked the same road as our students, going abroad to study.

Contact Info

  Amritsar, Life Line Hospital Chamrang Road Morh Opp. Old Mall Mandi, G.T Road

  Email: info@www.edu-pedia.net