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Enam Medical College is one of Bangladesh’s finest medical schools, including both the private and public industries. It is located in Savar, very close to the town of Dhaka. It has superbly well-constructed college and hospital buildings on its own 4-acre property. The university began with 50 learners from the 2003-2004 academic session. Now the cost of admission is 150 per year. Outdoor and indoor installations are available at the 1000-bedded running hospital. Patients are always busy with the clinic. Senior known professors and energetic, devoted junior and mid-level educators enrich the academic faculty very much.

All suggested textbooks, reference books and newspapers (local and global) are accessible in the college library. Internet services are also accessible, including the global HINARI internet connection, which can provide up-to-date data for learners and educators.

This university and hospital were intended to provide medical learners with broad-based schooling and professional growth. The academic faculty has extremely skilled professors and the associated hospital is a state-of-the-art and standard hospital well equipped with all contemporary equipment. All of these will assist learners to acquire understanding, skills and attitudes to address community health issues and make their basics very sound for future practice and greater learning.

The college learners carry out extra-academic activities such as cultural events, games and sports, social work, etc. Up to 50% of the seats are for learners from abroad. The educational medium is English.

The departments are well equipped for the schools, tutorials, dissection hall, labs and museums.

Enam Medical College Recognition – MCI status:

Enam Medical College was created in 2003, fulfilling all rules and criteria developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Medical & Dental Council of Bangladesh and Dhaka University. The Medical Council of India and the Dental Council of India also recognize it well. The World Health Organization and the European Medical Council recognize the university throughout the world.

The college is included in the list of medical schools such as IMED, FAIMER and AVISINA’s global directory.

Cost of Pursuing MBBS:

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most selected MBBS towns. Enam Medical College’s cost of pursuing MBBS is relatively lower than in other medical schools. The university is certainly a high value for study costs. In addition to it, the college has also got instalment payment methods, that is highly beneficial to the students.

Enam Medical College Fee Structure:

Enam Medical College’s complete tuition fees are US$ 40,000 (Rupees 27,75,600) out of which the student must pay US$ 20,000 (Rupees13,87,800)  in the first year and the remaining four years of tuition fees in four instalments. Hostel fees are going to be US$ 100 a month. Tuition fees and rent of hostel seats must be paid within 15th of each month.

All payments made on admission are non-refundable and even after admission has been cancelled. Any student who seeks to leave college any time after admission will be required to pay an extra of 60,000 to compensate the college. In addition, he or she will have to pay the remaining 5-year complete tuition charges.

Internship at Enam Medical College:

Enam Medical College’s internship is optional, but not mandatory. Students can choose to finish the internship in their own home town. Indian learners can choose for the internship any college they choose. The university premises will provide the required international internship criteria.

Scholarship for MBBS in Enam Medical College:

For some worthy and financially insolvent learners, the free studentship is accessible. Separate requests for this category shall be presented. Five per cent of learners appreciate free learning. The governing body of the university will pick the applicants for this 5% worthy and insolvent student quota.

How to get Admission at Enam Medical College for Indian students:

Admission is merit-based. It follows the criteria prescribed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and the Medical & Dental Council of Bangladesh (BMDC). The admission test will be structured and carried out by the Director of Medical Education for public and private medical schools.

Eligibility Criteria:

Foreign students in the event of tier A and level O should have a minimum total GPA of 7.0 in SSC and HSC. The marks shall be checked and approved, and the Department of Director, Medical Education, HMPD, DGHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka shall obtain an equivalence certificate of eligibility upon payment of charges.

In the months from September to November, the students should apply and send certified copies of marks sheets, photos and other necessary documents to their own foreign ministry through the Bangladesh embassy in their country or through their own foreign ministry.

Selection Basis:

The Director of Medical Education will publish a separate list of applicants who have provided an alternative for admission to private medical schools through the internet or daily newspapers. The qualified applicants, as announced by the Director of Medical Education, must apply for admission according to their decision to the Principal of private medical schools.

Applicants from this list will be qualified to apply for admission to the Enam Medical College and other medical schools if they so wish. However, the final admission choice will be produced on the grounds of the position of national merit.

Enam Medical College Application Form:

Application to the College can be made online through the Enam Medical College official website.


Enam Medical College Ranking:

Enam Medical College is one of Bangladesh’s top 50 medical schools. The college has acquired so much standard and notoriety in just a brief period. The college is ranked among the top 20,000 medical schools worldwide.

Enam Medical College Hostel Life:

Hostel accommodation is accessible on campus with all amenities for male and female learners. The hostel is distinct for Enam Medical College studying boys and girls. The rooms are big and spacious. It is fully furnished and equipped with air conditioning. Hygiene is food at the mess.

Enam Medical College Reviews:

“One of the best college with the latest types of equipment, an amazing place to study”, says Aarthi second-year MBBS student from India.

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