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Culture shock when studying M.B.B.S. abroad?

You might have heard the term ” culture shock”.
Those amongst you who didn´t worry till now might worry ever since they read the headline.
Many Indian students and their parents are concerned about the other new culture.
Can Indian students adjust in a foreign nation with different cultural values, ideas, and beliefs?
Can Indian students manage to understand the different lifestyle and can they cope up?

Common shocks when leaving India to study M.B.B.S. in any European country.

1. Thank You & You are Welcome
All of you know the terms ” Thank you” and ” You are welcome”. The way these terms are used in western countries varies from India.
The languages are very polite, formal and appreciative.
” Thank you” and ” You are welcome” are terms used all the time, for acknowledgment and recognition.
In India we usually say thank you for gifts, thank you for special favors. But it’s not the big things where “thank you” matters in western countries. It is used, if someone hands you a glass of water, the change in a shop, thank you to someone who lends us a pen.

2. Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night
The terms are familiar but apart from the first and the latter we usually do not use these phrases in India.
In European countries as mentioned before, the language is very accurate. According to the situation, the appropriate phrase is selected to address someone. A quick tip: it might be very rude to greet unknown people with a simple ” Hi” or “Hello.

3. Always on time
Punctuality is an essential element in the western world. The people respect the time and will only be late in emergencies.
Even when meeting close family and friends the punctuality is relevant. Not being on time is disrespectful and shows lack of discipline according to the European people.

4. Honor of labour
The work as a waiter, dishwasher or cashier in a supermarket is respected. Every person is respected carrying out any kind of work to support their living.

5. Self reliance
When shopping in supermarkets, at the cashier you must pack your own purchases in the shopping bag. You are expected to pack it fast, so people behind you in the line ,don’t have to wait.

“Cultural shock” is a very strong word. When we leave our country we must be ready to accept that things are going to be different. ” Cultural differences” is a better word. Step by step you will understand the new culture and if you don´t understand certain things simply ask someone and share your thoughts.

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