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1- Remeber your long-term goals.

Becoming a doctor is not easy, you will be responsible for patients life that means if you are lazy studying now, you may be a direct cause of a case of preventable death. That means- please study hard understand your responsibility.

2- Create an interest in what you have to study.

It helps to enjoy… for example if you want to be a surgeon you should study anatomy well , so anatomy is not only a subject of cadavers , anatomy is the first step to be a good surgeon.

3- Have a motivation poster.

Place the poster so you see it while you study. The poster should include positive words and a picture depicting success. You can buy one or even make your own. You can also read inspirational stories about real people who have achieved success through effort , for example read the successful story of Dr.Ben Carson.

4- Set reasonable goals for a study session.

You probably won’t get very far if you look at your study session as “mission impossible.”

5- Write a ‘to-do’ lists.

Write down everything you have to do. It feels so good when you cross them off and you can gain confidence and build momentum from seeing how much you’ve done.

6- Establish a comfortable environment.

You will be more inclined to study if you feel comfortable (I don´t mean your bed).

7- Try studying somewhere new.

By setting aside a dedicated place for studying, you can associate that particular location with concentrating. Experts call this an ‘anchor’, and you could choose a coffee shop or a quiet corner of the library.

8- Whatever you do- try not to study in the bedroom.

Working here may make you feel particularly tempted to take a nap.

9- Try out different study techniques.

Don’t just sit there reading a textbook, and don’t just sit there writing notes. If you like singing, create a song with everything you need to know. Create a mind map that will help you to link everything together. Through mixing things up, you’ll be able to keep it a little more exciting.

10- Eliminate distractions.

It is a must for you to eliminate distractions , close your room door , shut down your laptop , make your mobile silent , bring a bottle of water and snacks near you before starting your study session.

Good luck med students 🙂

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