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Hello ,
Days before going to Ukraine I was very excited and also a little bit nervous about the place, people, culture, and studies. When I went to Delhi airport for a flight there were many students and
Dr. KPS Sandhu was with us. We all become friends in flight and the journey was amazing. After reaching there we saw new people, new cars, new place and many amazing things. EPO help us to settle there and also arranged a city tour for us. And thank you, sir, for giving us an opportunity to become a doctor and
learn one more language. University start, was an amazing experience, all about new pattern of studies and exam. And the main thing was, it was not as hard as people said with studies! We also play games, sing songs, dance and much more in parties organized by EPO. And with friends celebrate birthdays etc.
But the 2nd-year experience was amazing for me because it was my dream to be the Host in our party but especially thanks to Dr.KPS Sandhu And Parminder bhaji for supporting us. As we hosted the party and also sung a song in the party that was amazing. And the main thing is the Ukranian people love our culture.
They like Sardar boys.. and they see turban as a crown. My experience till now is best experience with EPO in studies, other activities, and college life.
Because here we also gain Knowledge, enjoy our college life, also have some time for our hobbies.

July 25, 2017