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Firstly I would like to thank EPO.
Basically, i don’t have many words to explain my feelings what actually I’m feeling now. Dr. Karan Sandhu makes my future by giving me such a best opportunity to be a doctor.
It was my dream which was not completed in India so I chose to go to Ukraine.
It was my life’s best decision I took.
I don’t know how I can thank the all people who helped me to meet my destiny but by becoming best doctor I can thank them.
Well, now I’ll talk my experienced about Ukraine.
It’s was I mean wow, awesome, beautiful, many more words.
I meant with good friends. I meant with many new experiences which taught me many things.
About study, it’s quite good because wherever you go you have to study by yourself and by heart.
The teachers are good if you are sweet with them. Studying day by day may help you in future.
The best thing we are getting M.C.I. coaching over there in Ukraine and here in India also.
Which will help you in future and also during your class requirements!
About the place, it’s awesome for roaming with yourself or with your friends. No food problems at all.
Again Thanks to EPO for completing my dream and giving wings to my life to roam in reality not in dreaming.
Thank you soooo much.

July 25, 2017